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Thanks for taking time out to look at my photos.

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A quick view of g0hop's recent activity.

  • Mushroom by Trekmaster01

    Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric. It contains a hallucinogenic and was apparently once used as a fly poison. They used to be quite common in the woods around where i live but i havent seen one for a long time.
    • 10 Nov 2021 9:42PM
  • The wonder that is the Orion Nebula. by cheddar-caveman

    Great image
    • 26 Jan 2021 8:02PM
  • Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers by rusty

    I suspect that most of us in the UK struggle to understand why the US is so obsessed with guns let alone silencers
    • 13 Jul 2020 9:55PM
  • The Perfex Pepper Mill by bliba

    Just google it. I found one for 94 and another for 204!! The rainforest where out of stock. think you may have caused a run on pepper millsSmileGrin
    • 18 Jun 2020 4:28PM
  • Stir Crazy! by LynneJoyce

    Love the images. I wish i had the imagination to do something like these.

    Stay Safe

    • 2 Jun 2020 8:56PM
  • Saturday shadows by rontear

    Many Happy Returns. Have a great day
    • 2 May 2020 9:27AM
  • Wild Garlic.....I think? by g0hop

    I looked up the Star of Bethlehem. They do look similar but these have a green mid vein. The pictures of the Star of Bethlehem have a white mid vein but i guess there are probably different variants?
    • 29 Apr 2020 6:34PM
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