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Activity : Photo Comments



Thanks for taking time out to look at my photos.

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  • Mushroom by Trekmaster01

    Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric. It contains a hallucinogenic and was apparently once used as a fly poison. They used to be quite common in the woods around where i live but i havent seen one for a long time.
    • 10 Nov 2021 9:42PM
  • The wonder that is the Orion Nebula. by cheddar-caveman

    Great image
    • 26 Jan 2021 8:02PM
  • Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers by rusty

    I suspect that most of us in the UK struggle to understand why the US is so obsessed with guns let alone silencers
    • 13 Jul 2020 9:55PM
  • The Perfex Pepper Mill by bliba

    Just google it. I found one for 94 and another for 204!! The rainforest where out of stock. think you may have caused a run on pepper millsSmileGrin
    • 18 Jun 2020 4:28PM
  • Stir Crazy! by LynneJoyce

    Love the images. I wish i had the imagination to do something like these.

    Stay Safe

    • 2 Jun 2020 8:56PM
  • Saturday shadows by rontear

    Many Happy Returns. Have a great day
    • 2 May 2020 9:27AM
  • Wild Garlic.....I think? by g0hop

    I looked up the Star of Bethlehem. They do look similar but these have a green mid vein. The pictures of the Star of Bethlehem have a white mid vein but i guess there are probably different variants?
    • 29 Apr 2020 6:34PM
  • White Horse in the Window by natrpixvet

    Rocking horse?
    • 5 Feb 2020 4:17PM
  • Waiting by g0hop

    Thank you all for the kind comments. The photo was taken at the end of August last year. However if you visit Sheringham Station during the summer it is always like this.
    • 20 Oct 2018 8:30AM
  • Base Camp Aurora by Legend147

    • 16 Oct 2018 6:39PM
  • Mine is bigger than yours! by g0hop

    Thank you for all the comments and votes
    • 7 Oct 2018 5:31PM
  • Traffic jam by g0hop

    Hi Robert, Many thanks for the comment and the mod. I must learn how to do these. Yours looks so much better than my original
    • 6 Oct 2018 10:33AM
  • The Apprentice by g0hop

    Hi Robert. Thanks for the comments and the mod. The image is much better after the mod. What did you do?. I have tried to replicate it but sadly failed. I took quite a few photos at the fayre and will be putting them on the site over the next few days
    • 3 Oct 2018 9:18AM
  • A parade of engines by g0hop

    Hi Robert, Thanks for the mod. I hadnt thought about frames before. It does make the imange look so much better. I think i need to look into how to add frames in future
    • 3 Oct 2018 7:42AM

    I much prefer the cropped version. Well spotted.
    • 13 Nov 2017 4:52PM
  • Nights on the Moor by Johnnybairdphotography

    Great shot. Amazing what you can see when there is not light pollution
    • 11 May 2017 7:14PM
  • Elephant in the Bush by ugly

    Great shot
    • 4 Nov 2016 8:51AM
  • Hawker Demon by ChrisBanks

    super image, great detail
    • 7 Oct 2016 5:20PM
  • Three of a Kind by danbrann

    love the composition and colours
    • 29 Sep 2016 8:39AM
  • Vietnam Street Market by g0hop

    Thanks for the comments. I like both of the Mods. The colour is much better in the mod than in the original
    • 26 Sep 2016 4:00PM
  • Man the Lifeboats!! by g0hop

    Many thanks for the comments
    • 20 Sep 2016 6:18PM
  • Smile by g0hop

    Hi Sylvia

    Thanks for the kind comments.

    • 16 Sep 2016 11:26AM
  • Did it come out OK? by g0hop

    Many thanks for the comments
    • 15 Sep 2016 1:34PM
  • Need for Speed by g0hop

    Thanks for the feedback. I think you are right. I was trying to ensure the background was blurred to give a good impresion of speed. Unfortunately, i think this was too slow. There is also the additional problem of movement out of the direction of the pan that does not help. Next time i will practice with a range of speeds and see what happens.
    • 14 Sep 2016 6:49PM
  • over the culvert by banta

    It works for me
    • 12 Sep 2016 4:55PM
  • Avro Tutor 'K3241' by g0hop

    Many thanks for the comments
    • 5 Jul 2016 4:39PM
  • Rathaus Vienna by g0hop

    Thanks for the comments. Vienna is a wonderful city. I hope to go back some time but there are so many other cities that i have not visited yet. We like to visit the Christmas markets and are currently wondering where to go this year (my 60th birthday)

    I do like the little Olympus cameras. Much smaller and lighter than my SLR. I can put the camera in one pocket and the longer zoom in the other with no need for a large bag. Great when travelling and the airline has weight limits on cabin baggage. I now have an E-PM2 which is smaller than the E-PL1.

    I am pleased that you liked the Photo. I dont know how to give nominations. If you press the "options" button, to the right of the "Vote" button you have the option of giving a user award.
    • 31 Aug 2015 7:16PM
  • What Do You See by Joline

    Love it. Very well spotted!!
    • 29 Aug 2015 12:21PM
  • Tower Bridge by g0hop

    Thanks for the comment and vote. I took this a long time ago on a really grey day. I have played around with it on several occassions but never came up with anything i liked. I was trying out some of the features of Elements that i had not previously tried and came up with this
    • 13 Aug 2015 7:17PM
  • Butteryfly by g0hop

    Thanks for the vote and comment. I wasn't going to post it as i have no idea what type of butterfly it is!
    • 13 Aug 2015 7:13PM