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I take photos that pleases me and if they please others that's a bonus.
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A quick view of gary_d's recent activity.

  • Under the bridge.

    A great view point and its the colour for me. - Gary
    • 1 Nov 2014 2:40AM
  • Good to Eat

    A mouth watering image. - Gary
    • 1 Nov 2014 2:38AM
  • In his master's footsteps...

    It is a pretty little dog and a nice image. - gary
    • 1 Nov 2014 2:37AM
  • Autumn at Nagshead

    As you say Ed the wildlife deserted us but an enjoyable day all the same, this came out well.

    • 1 Nov 2014 2:35AM
  • Green Shield Bugs.

    You are just showing off now FredTongueWinkWink

    • 1 Nov 2014 2:33AM
  • I Think It's Harry

    Seamless. - gary
    • 1 Nov 2014 2:32AM
  • Male Sparrow

    Looks good against that clean background. - Gary
    • 31 Oct 2014 8:55PM
  • I have just come across your PF and its a good one, I will pay another visit when I have more time to look more closely at your interesting images.

    Keep up the great work.

    Regards. - gary
  • First time to see your P/F and what a treat some 1st class work, very impressed indeed.

    • Posted on Paintman's profile
    • 16 Nov 2009 11:37PM
  • A P/F that most of us can only dream of getting close to, thanks for sharing, you have such a unique talent. - gary
  • Bye dear friend may you rest in peace.
    My sincere condolences to the family. - gary
    • Posted on Barrynic's profile
    • 25 Aug 2009 12:01AM
  • I favour landscape photography above all other forms and I must say I am very impressed indeed in your P/F, it is full of images of the very highest quality.

    I can see from them you take great care and have great pride in getting every aspect of the shot right and I congratulate you.
    Keep up the very good work.

    Very best regards. - gary
  • You have a really good P/F here paul. lots of nice colour and quality images, Also a nice variety which will please most tastes, keep up the good work.

  • You are too modest Rob this is a great shot. - gary

    Sorry wrong place.
    • Posted on glyndwr's profile
    • 16 Oct 2008 5:10PM
  • Only just found your P/F it is wonderful the images are top class and a credit to you. - gary
    • Posted on bayleaf's profile
    • 9 Aug 2008 2:42AM
  • Superb lightin + clarity, well done Jenn. - gary
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 11 May 2008 9:23PM
  • Liked the mod on my pavilion shot, really works thanks for taking the time. - gary
    • Posted on imagio's profile
    • 25 Apr 2008 9:43AM