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Thanks for having a look around, feel free to comment, offer advice or just let me know what you do & don't like.

Thanks for taking the time to click or comment on my pictures. I really appreciate it Smile
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  • Lovely Ciggies by ade_mcfade

    V1 - Just love the lighting.
    • 13 Dec 2008 7:42PM
  • At the Bus Stop by ade_mcfade

    V2 - by a whisker
    • 12 Dec 2008 8:35PM
  • Ure - Wensleydale by ade_mcfade

    Number 2 today,


    • 11 Dec 2008 9:17PM


    Merry Christmas to you too. Really like the B&W version.


    • 11 Dec 2008 10:00AM
  • Christmas in Strasbourg by Gary_Williams

    Thanks folks on the comments or votes.

    This actually went a lot better than I thought. From a thumbnail perspective it’s very dark.

    I like it though because it captures the essence of the moment, people enjoying the Christmas market in the ‘shadow’ of the amazing gothic cathedral.

    Busy week this week, may not get a chance of another upload for a few days, but I’ll have something ready before the weekend is out.

    Thanks again,

    • 11 Dec 2008 9:50AM
  • Close Fall by ade_mcfade

    Ade, for me it's 1 from a purely aesthetical view point – it looks pretty.

    However I like 2 because it’s a well taken shot, which documents a moment in time – 90% sure that you won’t take the same shot in 5 year’s time. Things will be different, yellow lines might be red lines, might be a 20mph speed limit, Sainsbury’s local may be Asda local, blah, blah.
    • 10 Dec 2008 2:24PM
  • Inbetween by Mari

    Superb image - lighting & composition just excellent.

    Shot 2 - great action captured - makes the frost bite worthwhile.
    • 8 Dec 2008 10:54AM
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  • Posted on ZenTog's profile

    Paul, stunning portfolio, love the images, a great example of action photography at its best.
    • 24 Jan 2006 12:39PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Simon, I find you work an inspiration, great portfolio of images that make me think. Excellent work, look forward to plenty more.


    • 12 Jan 2006 3:28AM
  • Posted on Atlas's profile

    Outstanding work Always a pleasure to view a new upload. (Hint!)
    • 30 Nov 2005 5:17AM
  • Posted on lobsterboy's profile

    Great varied portfolio Chris, keep up the excellent work.
    • 30 Nov 2005 9:52AM
  • Posted on future's profile

    Great portfolio, superb work.
    • 5 Dec 2005 11:49AM
  • Posted on highlander's profile

    Doug, love your work, stunning images that show a love of your country. Well done and keep it up.

    Cheers, Gary
    • 7 Jan 2006 10:43AM
  • Posted on skydivemike's profile

    Great work in your portfolio, some really unique work. Love the variety.
    • 5 Dec 2005 11:29AM
  • Posted on Se7enUK's profile

    Great images, well taken - Congratulations on getting a couple of your shots into the EOS magazine - recognised the 'Safety Car' shot straight away.
    • 6 Oct 2006 10:11AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    You have some very beautiful pieces of work here. Great originality.
    • 7 Feb 2007 8:20PM
  • Posted on Bexphoto's profile

    An excellent portfolio of different work, and improving shot by shot. Good work, keep it up Becky
    • 30 Nov 2005 11:42PM
  • Posted on annaliese's profile

    Wonderful work, always a pleasure to view. Love your style.
    • 3 Dec 2005 10:29AM
  • Posted on Nic_WA's profile

    Nic, great portfolio, superb images.

    Thanks for you support too:- really pleased with the White Comp' results. If I'm ever down in Western Austrailia, I'll buy you a beer.

    Keep up you excellent work, look forward to plenty more.


    • 11 Jan 2006 12:29PM

Limited to latest 30 results.