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  • Iím getting very excitedÖ

    Actually itís not that exciting, Thursday and itís a blast down to Strasbourg for their Christmas market. I really enjoy the European Christmas Markets, it should be crisp and cool, which means the Gluhwein should go down a treat. Strasbourg look...0

    1 Dec 2008 1:05PM  |  Read


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  • Quick catch up...

    Well working in banking, even if it is IT has been fun over the last few months. In the words of Corporal Jones from Dad's Army "Don't Panic..." easier said than done. Time has been the big issue, but I still managed to squeeze a 2 week break at th...0

    22 Oct 2008 10:19AM  |  Read


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  • Take a break...

    And the work just builds up. It's just so busy in work-land, and that soaks up the evenings too. However, just got back froma weekend break in Tallinn, Estonia. Stayed in the old town and it was a glorious 4 day break. The Danish, Swedish, Germ...0

    6 Aug 2008 2:26PM  |  Read


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  • 50mm - experiment a success.

    Well the rain held off, and the Kent County Show remained dry, if not a great summers day. The experiment of taking the 50mm was a success in my eyes. After parking the car the first 'exhibit' was the classic cars, traction engines & vintage truc...0

    16 Jul 2008 9:25AM  |  Read


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  • Checking the weather - Why? It's gonna be wet.

    Being organised I ordered my tickets to the Kent County Show weeks back - not such a good idea looking at the forecast for this weekend. Walking around the County Showground in scene reminiscent of Glastonbury, gotta be good. This year Iíve deci...0

    10 Jul 2008 10:13AM  |  Read


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  • Is there another way to earn money, other than working?

    Well, I did not make it to Brands Hatch for the Historic Racing, nor did I get a chance to process any shots from France. This work malarkey is really getting in the way. Another consumer of time is the dreaded gym. I look at my portfolio imag...0

    7 Jul 2008 8:19AM  |  Read


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  • Blog - The beginning

    Just got back from a 10 day trip through France - As always spent far too long driving, and not enough time with camera in hand. Still have the images on my media storage device & laptop - work has stopped me from working on any, or preparing any fo...0

    25 Jun 2008 10:22AM  |  Read


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