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Hello WelcomeGrin
I am a photographer with over 30 years of experience. As such i was film trained and have moved with ease to digital. I still use film on shoots nowadays. I love monochrome, it adds so much character and detail to any image. Photography wise i love photographing people in life, ie street scenes, i like portraiture and buildings. I have recently returned to doing one to one work with models which is enjoyable. I have in the last few years been holidaying by cruising and seeing nice sights in the Eastern med. this has openned a new world to photograph.
I have the FRPS and CPAGB distinctions.
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  • Herne bay Peir

    Quote:good shot
    just in my opinion a bit cut / crop of the left side will be better as it will be more symmetrical .

    Thats a fair comment, thank you ,i have been too hasty
    • 9 Mar 2016 5:22PM
  • zara vintage stlye

    Quote:I love this picture! I am not skilled in other than basic adjustments and wonder how you achieved this result? Beautifully done!

    i am not skilled in the computer side either. This was a natural light portrait with a reflector on the opposite side of face. Convert to B and W, raie the exposure and highlights, put a light vignette and roughly thats how i do it
    • 7 Mar 2016 8:50PM
  • Dannii

    Dudler you are spot on. I take an awful lot of seascapes with 5 minute exposure. So i set up on a tripod, switched everything to manual. Lined up the seascape, then got my model to pose. I took the picture. LEaving everything as it was, i removed the model, put a 13 stop filter on, calcualted the change in shuttr speed which was around 3 mins. Toom the image. SO one of the very few times i used photoshop, i put the images one on top of the other and rubbed out the models image background leaving the model on the long exposure image. Positioning identical, the exposure was worked out to be equivalent, therefore it works!!
    • 2 Nov 2015 10:54AM
  • SEascape of offshore fort

    liked it as it was!!!!!SImple as that, nothing scientific
    • 18 Aug 2015 9:46PM
  • Fishing Boat Graveyard

    A good composition of a boat that i have photographed so many times myself at Dungy.
    • 26 Jun 2015 10:47PM
  • Hare feeding

    Quote:A very nice shot indeed of the Hare,but a description would be nice, even just to say its a wild shot or not as the case may be..........650

    Yes i really should. Yes this is a wild HAre. I had been photographing various Hares nd walking back and this one appeared on the path, hopped towards me, then stood for 5 minutes posing, unbeleivable!!!!
    • 1 Jun 2015 9:07PM
  • Brown Hare

    I see lots of hares at this location, the one above does have distractions, but i was nt going to turn down the opportunity!!!!. I had another hare standing on a path posing for me later in the session, it then wandered off int othe grass, so i have uploaded it :
    • 31 May 2015 8:00PM

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