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A quick view of Gazzten's recent activity.

  • Heather and sky

    Thanks for the comments both, especially yours colleenWink.

    Seriously though, thanks again for yours willie, regarding the softness, if I remember right I think it was very windy, I did use a tripod but at that time it was quite a light thing, not like the one I have now!

    At the moment I try to keep the images as close to how it was at the time so we might have to agree to differ on that one (white balance).

    Love how you remedied the burnt out bit of sky! Wish I had thought of that!!


    • 23 Feb 2013 6:07PM
  • Coal Tit

    So Sharp.
    • 21 Feb 2013 3:09PM
  • Squirrel??

    Thanks for comment Mike. See what you mean about the branch top left....and the nut, i suppose! Smile
    • 15 Feb 2013 10:58AM
  • Kite Surfer

    thanks both for your comments. Will try more exposure Mike thanks.
    • 14 Feb 2013 10:04AM
  • The Photo shoot

    A sophisticated looking image with subtle colours. Really nice.
    • 21 Dec 2010 8:38AM
  • Blue Tit

    Stunning. Large shows how good this really is. Excellent.
    • 20 Dec 2010 5:02PM

    Nice work. Great composition and pov in V1.
    • 20 Dec 2010 11:27AM

  • Quote:Hi Richard, just had to return the compliment you made on my PF.
    You have some 1st class shots here and your work is being greatly overlooked. Have added you to my fav's so I can keep track of you as I don't watch the gallery very often.

    Agree with Geof and somehow I seem to have missed most if not all myself. Excellent bird shots.

  • Hi Fran thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio and your kind words about it. I know how this is going to sound but I really do seem to miss a lot of your uploads, but having taken the time to view your p/f I will be making sure I view it on a regular basis from now on to keep up with your great shots. You make great use of DOF and the variety of subjects photographed make it a pleasure to view. keep up the good work.
  • Don't seem to catch your work as they are uploaded so have come to view your portfolio. I'm glad I did. The detail in all of your shots is so good. Hope mine get somewhere close eventually. Great images.
    • Posted on fishy2's profile
    • 8 Feb 2008 6:39PM