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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Hurricane II

    Powerful image.
    • 26 Sep 2016 8:08PM
  • The Tweed Valley

    Great panorama. Nicely composed.
    • 26 Sep 2016 8:07PM
  • Blea Tarn

    Beautiful and well captured. Excellent tones and lovely lighting - you definitely picked the right time of day.

    • 23 Sep 2016 4:42PM
  • The Horns of Alligin

    Beautiful - with lovely light and moody sky.


    • 14 Sep 2016 8:31PM
  • emma c

    Lovely composition and a stunningly beautiful young lady.

    • 11 Sep 2016 9:58PM
  • from Black Hill to Black Mountains

    Fine landscape with interesting detail and lighting. Great depth.

    • 11 Sep 2016 9:51PM
  • Elliptical Spiral Staircase

    Fine abstract and nicely cropped.

    • 11 Sep 2016 9:46PM
  • Blue Shutter Red Drain pipe

    A fine abstract. Fantastic colours and interesting patterns.

    • 11 Sep 2016 9:44PM
  • morning tree

    Great shot: Good composition and ethereal atmosphere.

    • 11 Sep 2016 9:40PM
  • Light Streams

    Lovely shot with perfect lighting.

    • 1 Sep 2016 9:03PM
  • Unprepared

    Lovely portrait. A real engagement with the sitter who seems absolutely happy to face the camera.
    • 1 Sep 2016 9:00PM
  • flat caps

    Fine composition and right choice in using monochrome.

    • 1 Sep 2016 8:57PM
  • Hatfield colliery

    Fine creative shot. Nice simple, bold composition and full of impact.

    • 1 Sep 2016 8:52PM
  • As the Sun Goes Down

    Superb! Love the back-lighting and the warm red glow at the right of the pic.

    • 1 Sep 2016 8:48PM
  • Ready or not here I come!

    A real gem! Perfect timing and good composition.

    • 30 Aug 2016 1:28PM
  • In the Shadows

    Nice candid. Pleasing position of subjects in frame and pleasant black and white tones.
    • 24 Aug 2016 11:10AM
  • Ladybower Light

    Great landscape photo. I like the composition and the contrasting sun-kissed background with the subdued foreground which is not too dominant but draws the eye nicely into the main element of the scene.
    The result is a picture of real depth and interest.

    • 14 Aug 2016 3:46PM
  • Classic Durham

    Excellent composition and lighting. Nice to see a more imaginative approach and good choice of the time of day.

    • 2 Jul 2016 9:47AM
  • Grouchie

    Well captured.

    • 2 Jul 2016 9:35AM
  • Sundancers

    Another great shot. The hint of out of focus poppies in the background is a nice touch too.

    • 28 Jun 2016 9:14AM
  • Folklore Singing

    Expressive. Good tones and composition.

    • 24 Jun 2016 9:42PM
  • Standing Proud

    Beautiful image with excellent differential focus and good composition.

    • 23 Jun 2016 8:39AM
  • Elderly Rajasthani lady ...

    A fine pic.
    I think the best street pics are either those where the subject is oblivious to the camera or where the subject is happy to engage directly with the camera.

    • 12 Jun 2016 5:42PM
  • Cul Mor Pastels

    A fine pic. with attractive composition.

    • 12 Jun 2016 5:36PM
  • Jubilee Class No 45690 'Leander'

    Superb image! Perfect lighting, composition and wonderful smoke!
    • 6 Jun 2016 6:50PM
  • The dark hedges

    Fine shot. Great light.

    • 4 Jun 2016 6:01PM
  • Time to leave

    I love this photo and wish I'd taken it myself! I don't think you should necessarily crop anything off the left hand side because I think the seed tendrils are rightly placed dead centre. However, if you do choose to crop anything off the left side, I would be bold and cut off about a quarter. Personally, would leave it exactly as it is leaving the wispiness of the subject plenty of space to float in.
    Anyway, you can be very proud of this photo - it really is beautiful and as Otinkyad says, it is "painterly".

    • 29 May 2016 2:09PM
  • Historic Entrance Hall and Main Staircase

    Excellent compositions and very pleasing tones.

    • 29 May 2016 1:57PM
  • on the stairs

    Fine candid with interesting and contrasting expressions.

    • 29 May 2016 1:55PM
  • Dandelion Seeds

    A fine shot!

    • 25 May 2016 4:24PM