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gconant's Blog


Welcome to my world.
Hopefully you will enjoy my work, and if so, will leave a comment or two.

If you have a chance, visit my website, Butterfly Species Galleries, and click on the butterfly gallery that you wish to visit. (We're currently showing 63 species and 400 + butterfly images.)
All images are my copyright.

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  • Magic Wings Butterfly Farm

    We just got back from a great trip to South Hampton, Ma., where we found some really good ethnic restaurants, and had a great time shooting images at the butterfly farm. We came home to a driveway with about 16" of snow, that was desparately in n...0

    18 Mar 2014 1:37AM  |  Read


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  • Boston Marathon

    My wife Elly and I were on vacation in Boston last week, and on Saturday, 2 days before the marathon, we walked the area where the bombs went off. What a terrible tragedy perpetrated by these cowards!! My best wishes to any who were impacted ...0

    16 Apr 2013 1:30PM  |  Read


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  • Incredible

    It's incredible!! I loaded all of my Canon stuff (a body, several lenses and various paraphenalia) for our trip to the coast, plus a Samsung point & shoot, and, with all the walking and hiking we've done, the Samsung is the only camera I've used...0

    12 Apr 2013 7:40PM  |  Read


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  • Newburyport / Plum Island

    For those of you who ever find yourselves in the Newburyport / Plum Island area, there's a good restaurant that you might try. It's called the Starboard Galley, and while they're not inexpensive, they are very good. I had the bacon wrapped sc...0

    11 Apr 2013 10:04PM  |  Read


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  • Short trip

    We're down in Gloucester for a few days guys. . . . Eating good seafood in the home port of the fishing fleet from "A Perfect Storm." It'a a great place to visit and photograph!! Sat. we're off to China Town in Boston for dim sum, then the lo...0

    10 Apr 2013 9:14PM  |  Read


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