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Activity : Photo Comments


Free editing on all types of photos from -: Magazines / posters!!!
Models portfolio, artists photo shoots, to a snapshot of any subject on your phone!  even a photographer who likes taking the photos, but would like someone else to do the editing for them! And all for free, no hidden agenda.
Iam also looking for damaged photos I can try and repair for you (can be colour or black and white) they must not be too badly damaged on the face. 
Iam looking for any photo you would like fixing via editing software
If you have any and you want to send them to me direct, I will send you my email to send as an attachment. 
Your original will still be with you, and I will let you know whether I can do them for you.
I will try in any condition, it's all free!! And hopefully you will have a nice fresh photo back to print out for you. 
I am disabled and want to learn a lot more in this area, and I like the challenge!!!
Please av a look, even black n white ones around on display you would like in colour!
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