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Hi, Welcome to my portfolio. Hope you enjoy my images, please feel free to comment good or bad as it's the only way to learn and improve.

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A quick view of geniehawk's recent activity.

  • Hare on the run!

    Thanks for your comments , much appreciated.
    • 28 Apr 2011 1:45PM
  • meerkat

    I remember it well!

    • 27 Jan 2010 9:00AM
  • Winter beech

    Pretty good for a 1st attempt,
    • 22 Jan 2010 7:08PM
  • Redtail hawk

    Good sense of movement, well captured.

    • 13 Jan 2010 9:14PM
  • The Dark Hedges

    Spooky feel to this, great work though.

    • 30 Nov 2009 10:50AM
  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Beautiful pensive expression, nicely seen.

    • 27 Nov 2009 1:10PM
  • Kiche

    All your love and attention will be paid back many times over, a great image of a brave puppy.

    • 12 Nov 2009 9:50AM
  • Have only just found your work, don't know how I missed it!. Your landscapes are fantastic and I look forward to seeing future work.

    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 10 Oct 2007 9:21PM
  • Hi Jouko, have just spent a wonder half hour looking through your PF, only wish I could spend longer. I will return that's for sure!

    • Posted on Jouİo's profile
    • 10 May 2007 7:12PM
  • Certainly a varied PF, lots of interesting images.
    Good work!
    • Posted on mickf1's profile
    • 13 Feb 2007 11:39AM
  • A beautiful PF, I wish I had found it earlier, but now found will be visited often.Thankyou for such lovely images.
  • Hi Pete, the more I see of your work the more I like it.
    You are added to my favorites, looking forward to seeing your new images!
  • Hi Andrew,Thankyou so much for all your kind comments on my PF. Having looked at your PF I feel your remarks are praise indeed!

  • Hi Paul, thanks for your comments on my Bateleur picture, just had a look at your "Eagle" it is certainly a great capture, but I do admire your cathedral work. I hope to learn how to produce work of that type but probabley not to your standard. Part way there would be good for me.

    • Posted on sut68's profile
    • 23 Feb 2007 7:56AM
  • Thank you so much for sharing your images and expertise with us, it has been an a pleasure to look at your site and hopefully learn how to improve my own attempts having just bought D200 and Nikon 80-400! I can try but it's like reaching for the moon at the moment! I will spend many happy hours looking at your site.
  • Thankyou for taking the trouble to leave a comment. I am now looking at your portfolio can't say how much I am enjoying it. Great pictures.
    • Posted on BertC's profile
    • 18 Jan 2007 12:59PM
  • Have just spent a very enjoyable time looking at your PF. I love the work you are producing at the moment. Great.
    • Posted on Hanners's profile
    • 16 Feb 2007 12:33PM