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Welcome to our world. Come take a flight with us through our portfolio and see what our cameras were up to lately.
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  • Commented on 'Fuji S9500'

    Why don't you have a look at the Panasonic DMC-FZ30.
    12 X Optical zoom, 8 mega pixels, Image stabilizer,Leica lense and much more. I also had a look at the Fuji, but opted for the Panasonic.
    • 1 Dec 2005 5:16AM
  • Commented on 'Where is the best place to holiday?'

    Definately Cape Town in South Africa. The exchange rate is very favourable if you come with pounds. About R11 to R12 (rand) to the pounds. Also a direct flight from Heathrow to Cape Town with either BA or SAA. Cape Town is absolutely the fairest cape in the world. Fantastic scenery, wine routes, beautiful mountains and coastline. Dangerous?? Just like any other place in the world. But definately safer than Chicago or new York!! Come and visit.
    Georg from Cape Town
    • 15 Jun 2005 1:01PM
  • Commented on 'Happy Birthday to me!'

    Have a fantastic birthday!! Don't just get older...get wiser
    • 15 Jun 2005 12:46PM
  • Commented on 'Anyone read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"'

    Morpyre, I want to set a few things straight regarding Christians. Christians never made wars. It was maybe made in their name. I'm glad when you seperate the two....Christians and catholics.

    Do we Christians have proof that the Bible is 100% right. It consists of 66 books. And ALL of them refer to one another and ALL of them have the SAME message of salvation. Get me two writers today to agree on everything they write. What alone to agree on 66 books.

    God does not have to steal beliefs from pagan religions. Christians belief in the living God Who was and is and is to come. I won't hate you if you write the "truth" about Christians. Have you read our "Manufacturers Handbook", the Bible, to make sure these "truth" comments are really true?? I dare you to read it. Watch out, it may be a life changing experience. It changed my life.

    Remember, the lie is easier to believe than the truth. But please make sure you know both sides before you make statements like these. Nothing you say or do can lower my "image" or "reputation", because a Christian's life is
    not built on reputation and image. It is built on faith in Jesus Christ that comes from the heart and soul unforced.
    At least He died in my place. Who died for you?
    • 7 Apr 2005 1:40PM