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I retired from the oil industry after X years (where X is a large number). Retirement means no more trips to exotic places . . . recognizing that oil is rarely in exotic places. But, retirement means more time to do all those things I always wanted to do but never seemed to have time to complete – delete the website (update was getting tedious); experiment with focus-stacking for a macro shot of a hibiscus flower; stir from bed early enough to capture the sunrise offshore Galveston and wander around Houston capturing that skyline and downtown. The images in this gallery all caught my eye or fired my imagination. However, what the camera actually captured was rarely what I imagined or anticipated. Today’s digital cameras are so capable that there is no point in “blaming the tools”. All weaknesses here are all the fault of the operator.
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A quick view of GeorgeP's recent activity.

  • The Mighty Vulcan

    Great shot of a wonderful aircraft. I suspect that photos of this plane are going to be attracting votes and awards for another 10 (or maybe 20) years.
    • 2 Apr 2021 2:44AM
  • I'm bored!

    Wonderful portrait. I've seen that expression in my kids and grandkids! SmileSmile
    • 19 Mar 2021 1:53AM
  • Dancing Queen

    Great photo and the processing is excellent - reminiscent of "solarization" in black and white silver prints from times gone by.
    • 19 Feb 2021 4:16AM
  • Lockdown Trolleys

    Good eye . . . . we pass them all the time, but taking time to record the sight so meticulously is award winning.
    • 8 Feb 2021 11:44PM
  • Carrickfergus Castle NI

    Beautiful shot
    • 23 Jan 2021 2:32AM
  • my last flight home with united airlines

    Great shot of a wonderful aircraft. I always enjoyed flying the 747 . . . and in the days when industry respected their employees and tried to have them arrive ready to do business, seat 3B was my favorite. If this is a 1970 image then that airport in Singapore was at Paya Lebar. I landed there in 1962 in a Comet 4B from London. Thanks for triggering a lot of happy memories with a single image.

    (By the way - when did United join "Star Alliance"? )
    • 21 Jan 2021 1:59AM

    A more recent edition of :
    That big six-wheeler, scarlet-painted,
    London Transport, diesel engine,
    Ninety-seven horsepower omnibus

    . . . . and a different location, but wonderful all the same.
    • 16 Jan 2021 3:19PM
  • A wonderful portfolio that has all the places I remember from childhood! Smile But where is Inch Abbey? Has it escaped your eye?