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Close-up of nature...

Close-up of nature... by Golgoon

Very nice. Sometimes, a bit of luck transforms a standard shot into something special.

my first attempt at shooting the moon!

my first attempt at shooting the moon! by ickle_janie

Green halo is most likely caused by chromatic aberation of lens or extender.

Can be fixed in camera but only if you have won the lottery and can afford the very best optics.

However, most RAW processing programs, Canon Photo Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop etc can reduce this effect in post processing.

I think the colour you see is probably blue cos there's the same effect at the bottom of the moon in the red phase.

Great first effort.


Tonights moon.

Tonights moon. by Kayleigh

Brightness of moon is surprisingly variable depending on phase, atmospheric conditions, distance from earth etc.

Assume a starting point of EV 14 and bracket around that.

EV14 = ISO 100, f11 & 1/125 sec

That should get you close toa decent exposure.

I'd chose f11 over your f5.6 which will help sharpen the image up a bit too.


Transient Light Loch Awe

Transient Light Loch Awe by hwatt

Beautiful light & perfectly timed. Placment of tree canopy is perfect. I wonder about that sky though? Moody? Yes. Interesting enough? Not sure. Might I suggest taking half of the sky out and taking another look at what's left.

By doing so, you will have three horizontal elements approximately the same size, moving the eye left to right and back again.

I feel the energy of this powerful horizontal movement is then diluted by the mass of the sky at the top as if its fighting for vertical attention.

Curious to hear your opinion.

Still a cracking shot though.


Lunar by hilly1

Well, actually they can. Just not on the winter solstice.

Bridge of Snow

Bridge of Snow by rontear

Looks like there was at least 1cm of snow which brought the city to another embarrassing standstill.

No doubt though that Londoners conducted themselves with true Dunkirk spirit, bought teabags using coupons & whistled upbeat tunes such as the theme tune to Dad's Army as they marched to the nearest Starbucks where they shared anecdotal stories of WW2 & the Blitz while listening to Vera Lynn records over the tannoy.

The Guardian of the Glen

The Guardian of the Glen by bill33

ok, I am particulalry fussy when it comes to geography. Rannoch Moor is not in the north of Scotland. It covers mostly Argyll & Lochaber. And Glencoe runs east west into the sea at Ballachulish which is on the west coast.

Northern Scotland can be assumed to be anywhere north of the Great Glen and extends for 400 km north of here until you fall off the pole facing edge of Shetland. Wester Ross, Cromarty, Sutherland, Caithness, etc are truly northern Scotland. And the loch is actually the river Coupall which freezes every winter.

A nice cliche to start with however. And where's the guy playing the bagpipes? I drove past him last week freezing his arse off in front of a bus load of birds from Thailand.

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind by bill33

Refreshing viewpoint across Loch Slapin. I particularly like the composition & the suggestion of the movement because as you describe, it was rather windy.

The sky has nice texture so this should be a fine image indeed but it's the processing which disappoints me. I think this could be a fabulous wall hanger but it looks like it was made from several images either blended together or masked over each other.

I'd go back to a single frame and process it again for a more natural look cos I think this is a first class piece of work.

The rocks curve the eye towards the hill & then rest on the tree which has created tension by appearing to reach out of the frame. If it pointed the other way, the image would be imbalanced but this works to compensate for the rocks & hills to the left.

A first class classical landscape that if were mine, would benefit from revisiting the processing buttons.


Ashness Bridge

Ashness Bridge by KMRennie

Ansell Adams is an overrated American who shot a lot of rubbish but eventually found his form in Yosemite & on the Snake River. Then again, a blind person could shoot a decent image in Yosemite & Snake River.

Yes, he created the zone system but so what? It's not like he invented something really useful like Viagra.

Start with a book on B&W processing & printing. Get back to basics and understand tonal ranges & response before moving onto processing.

This is almost a surreal landscape shot by the way which I rather like.

The Forth

The Forth by Landlord

Beautiful metallic feel to this. The colours look very natural and the tonal range is sublime. I bet you cant see any of it this morning.

Down river in Stirling, the ice has bunched up like icebergs and clogged the whole river system.

Got slammed with about 6 inches of snow this morning despite what the crappy London biased BBC had forecasted. They are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Once again, a cracking shot ...


f-15 by skanner30

Looks like the highlands ... any clarification on location?

Great timing and got the whole thing in shot & sharp too.

Nice one.


St Mary's Lighthouse

St Mary's Lighthouse by howemick

A complicated affair !

Interesting light. Was it not possible to inlcue a bit more foreground or was it just too cluttered?

Going Out

Going Out by phillips

Wonderfully creative.

And toffs discharging their turds towards the working class rank & file across the water makes an unfortunate metaphor.


Raindrops... by Scottishlandscapes

In China, this is a middle management upgrade.

From an ox.

But only if you are sufficiently connected to party officials overseeing the expansion fo a salt mine.

A new tyre can be traded for a hairbrush.

Pink Sisters

Pink Sisters by JohnParminter

This is an HDR image is it not?

Lovely sky but I just find that pushing the boundaries produces an unnatural look that doesnt sit well with your other high quality work.

Composition is nevertheless very good. Even majestic.


Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend by Weirdfish695

Ive flown over this about 100 times when I lived in Vegas & traveled all over this area.

You've captured the spirit of the place very well indeed.

Expsoure, colours, clarity exceptional.

And no craft on the water is a huge bonus.

Magnificant image.



PortfolioAdded Date/Comment


Added Date: 31/12/2009 - 6:11 PM

These could appear in any decent motoring magazine ... a tricky job made to look easy but I know it's not. Lots of practice and a skill for timing, framing, tracking an object that's always going faster than it appears with the naked eye.

Cracking talent.