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Over the last couple of years a hobby has developed into a passion. Now I want to make this my chosen career. I'm constantly working on ideas and concepts to deliver varied and interesting work. This keeps me portfolio fresh and my skill range adaptable to all aspects of photography and digital art.

My vehicle for presenting my work has been the creation of my website in 2004. This hands on approach has not been easy, but learning as you go is very rewarding. Having built it, maintenance is quick and in my total control. I'm by no means an expert in this area. Having been in the IT industry for 14yrs. You tend to pick up skills that you can draw on in online areas like this.

My success in photography is down to drive and wanting to succeed and learning associated skills in this area. Quickly adapting my styles and using the technology and software to work with me. Problems for me to overcome are perhaps smaller obstacles to resolve then some. Coming from an IT background you work logically. Digital images, storage, photoshop, networking is something that I have worked with for many years and is the easiest of the jobs that I have to do.

I'm like a robot, I need input. My greed of knowledge and skills is never ending. If we had 48hr days and 14 days in a week. There still wouldn't be enough time in the day!


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