Revolutionising Tripods: The Benro Theta Is An Auto-Levelling Travel Tripod



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  • Bouquet by banehawi

    Abs. beautiful...
    • 26 Mar 2009 4:01PM
  • Llyn Tegid - Bala by GingerBadger

    Thanks for all the comments - and you're abs. correct banehawi. Your take here is much more effective, thanks for taking time out to have a stab. ;o)
    • 26 Mar 2009 3:59PM
  • The Last Beacon by whiteboxer

    Love it.
    • 21 Apr 2008 9:14PM
  • Untouched..... by Mari

    Beautiful and engaging - what a keen eye you have missus.

    • 2 Mar 2006 1:49AM
  • Dark Day by KathyW

    Brilliant, as always...
    • 4 Feb 2007 10:25PM
  • Dusk on Llwynithel by GingerBadger

    Thanks all ;o) - not too bad for a fairly undramatic sky...thanks again for the clicks...
    • 28 Jul 2006 11:04AM
  • Sunset on Llwynithel by GingerBadger

    Errmm, ok - thanks. Descriptions aren't mandatory - as I'm sure you're aware - and the reason I didn't leave any description here is because the colours have *obviously* been played with in the computer. In this case, a desaturation of the sky and a little channels mix. Nothing too big, just something to emphasise some of the elements in a fairly middle-of-the-road shot. Thanks. I think.
    • 3 Oct 2006 10:36PM

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