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Thank you for viewing my photos I hope that you will like some of them Wink
As I am trying to improve my shooting style I will appreciate if you can leave some comments good or not.
Thank you.
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  • Sony SLT A77

    If you try the A77 make sure it has the latest firmware (1.05). This has a lot of improvements - in particular it makes the camera operations much faster.
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  • Nikon D200 Over Nikon D90

    If you don't go much over 200ISO you will find that the D200 is a truly excellent camera and of course if you do step over 200 and get unacceptable noise L/R and CS5 is v...
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  • Nikon D200 VS Nikon D5000

    Hi, Thank you again for all the advice, finally reading your comments and review on the net about the D200 and D5000 I will go for the D200 even if is 4 years older an...
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