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A quick view of glyndwr's recent activity.

  • Speed

    I agree with previous comment.
    Very strong composition.
    • 21 Dec 2016 2:14PM
  • Up for the Cup - Film Friday

    Hello Ken.
    Nice upload.
    I met one of the Cardiff City players that played in that cup final, Ernie Curtiss, his brother lived opposite us.
    • 16 Dec 2016 11:28AM
  • Gretas Stream 2

    I find the white patch top left a little distracting, in my opinion if it were cropped out it would help.
    Other than that this is a great image, well sharp and great choise of shutter speed.
    I hope my comment helps.
    • 15 Dec 2016 2:12PM
  • Plas Power Waterfall

    I like your choice of shutter speed
    • 15 Dec 2016 2:02PM
  • Sgydau Sychryd

    First Class.
    Great composition and I especially like the tones in the water.
    • 22 Nov 2016 12:39PM
  • Wyming Brook

    I like the choice of shutter speed, it keps some detail in the water.
    • 21 Nov 2016 12:40PM
  • Last Of The Leaves

    Strong composition and good use of foreground.

    • 21 Nov 2016 12:29PM
  • Good PF Terry, some amazing work with a 400D.

  • Good PF Jonathan, keep up the good work.

  • I have just looked quickly at your PF, lots of high quality images there.

  • I am very impressed with your water photographs, this is my favourite subject and I can appreciate what you have produced.

  • Some good work in your PF Jason, such a variety.

    • Posted on jason_e's profile
    • 25 Aug 2008 10:41AM
  • Crikey !
    Don't know why I haven't come across your work before, it's BRILLIANT.
    I will watch out for it in future.

  • John, very impressed with your PF. Not only the quality but also the subjects.

    • Posted on robway's profile
    • 28 Jul 2007 5:44PM