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Hi there!

I've been interested in photography for a few years, but have never really done much other than the odd snap here and there.

All started at Lasswade High School then Edinburgh College of Art, back in the Eighties / early Nineties, where I learned the basics of Composition and Photography using a Pentax K10 series and lots of B&W (Ilford) film.

I've recently joined my local camera club (Livingston) to improve on my skills, I think it's working, I let you lot be the judge!

My portfolio photo was taken by Mrs Gomez FeePhoto , also a member of Livi Camera Club, on a day out to Torrs Warren plantation, near Sandhead (Stranraer-ish), South West Scotland.

Currently using a Canon 350D and a variety of lenses, including any Fee leaves un-guarded!

I enjoy landscape, seascape and natural history, with forays into wildlife photography-but just for fun-no pretentions of serious ambition, career change etc!


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