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Welcome to my gallery, now don't be shy! and feel to free to comment on my uploads. Observational, critique and witty comments are always welcome 👍 thanks for navigating here Smile
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A quick view of gonedigital62's recent activity.

  • Fish chat

    Yes there is some glare as mentioned above, it's not a problem to me as I can see the fish perfectly. Whether you did or did not use a polarising filter is of little importance to me. Grin Give the fishes a kiss from me. Wink
    • 27 Aug 2017 1:25AM
  • Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker (M)

    Oh boy, I love it! You should treat yourself to plus membership Smile Wink
    • 27 Aug 2017 12:35AM
  • on the wing

    Stunning shot! shame about your fonts otherwise I'd had given you a vote
    • 23 Aug 2017 3:54AM
  • Back to Home Base

    Sorry mate I ain't pompous to critique a good shot with a beautiful vista.
    • 23 Aug 2017 3:51AM
  • Big Ben poppy light show

    One mere chime this new year otherwise the voice of the capital will fall silent for 4 years!!
    Dazzling shot, well done
    • 23 Aug 2017 3:48AM
  • Beauties in the Dungeon

    Mere pleasures for perverts
    No vote LOL
    • 23 Aug 2017 3:43AM
  • Forlorn

    I'm only commentating cause this is the daftest image I've ever seen!
    No vote. Sad
    • 22 Aug 2017 9:47PM
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