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Flight of the SCRUFFY bumble bee.this could be better but I have to say ... Don't know if you use Lightroom ... but have you tried opening the shadows a bit? I think this is actually fairly sharp but the shadows seem too dark!

Having tried a bee close-up before, it took me about 4-5 hours just to get a reasonably good one, which was worse than yours anyway Smile)

Keep at it mate!
01/08/2013 - 9:06 PM

Amanda with flyaway hair

Amanda with flyaway hairI look at this photo and I'm not sure what story is it telling! On one side, we have a lot of dynamics going on; on the other side, we have a extremely static pose! The two, simply don't go along. In my opinion, a portrait should tell a story; not many stories. In my eyes, it should have been either one of two:

1. Static pose, static hair - in this case, light, pose, look (eyes) & view point - would have played a major role in the end result

2. Dynamic pose, diagonal composition - here, obviously the light, composition, view point, ... would have also played a major role; but the end-result would have defenitely been given by the dynamics

As it is now, 1st thing I asked myself was:
"What's with the hair; why is it in the air? She is standing still!"

I have seen photos with static pose and some dynamics introduced by the hair flying and stuff ... a lot of that in magazines - but, at least the model is looking in the viewer's eyes! And that makes a huge difference I think; it is far more engaging and ads dynamics to the whole!

I don't have your studio experience but, as you know, I love my portraits Smile - when I take one, 99% of the times I have the end result in my head - this portrait seems a bit random to me!

I hope you see what I mean; I also hope I was not too harsh.
06/06/2013 - 1:51 AM

Amanda Breakthrough

Amanda BreakthroughIt is a good try! Wink
I think this is lacking energy; it is lacking dynamics!

Try this: zoom-in, or zoom-out, while you press the shutter!
You may have to try different shutter speeds but the result may be worth it.
I wouldn't bother about the cracks rather add in post-production using layer masks ... so that she really comes out of the wall!

Good luck.
23/04/2013 - 3:10 AM

~ The Red Guru {Sepia}

~ The Red Guru {Sepia}A brilliant idea; great portrait!

Not so great post-production - I think (sorry!); the vignetting seems to cover too much of the photo. Basically, for me, what makes the photo is the actual pose, the old man's face, the bench, the fact it is b&w. Therefore, I don't think the vignetting should've covered his legs! Maybe, if there was no vignetting at all, with an increased b&w contrast, would've had more impact.

A vignetting effect the way you've done it, would've looked a lot better on a head and shoulder portrait of the old man (try a tight crop and see how it looks; I could be wrong).
21/04/2013 - 1:58 AM

Amanda in Red

Amanda in RedOk ... I like it; it has got salt ... though for me, for this kind of shots (ok ... call me dirty!), the pepper is missing!

Maybe I would've liked to see more of the chair legs! or her nice long legs (they seem to be)! For me the chair came out a bit strange ... maybe the distortions ... not sure what it is! I think the angle of shot could've been better - it works nice now but then do not include the chair - my humble opinion, as usually.

And yes ... damn she is cheeky!

What about a typical well-known, "basic instinct" pose Smile (if the model agrees). There is this scene when Sharon Stone is being questioned ... - did u see the movie?
In this case, for example, having the legs spread while keeping the same cheeky look, would've just added that extra bit of pepper.
26/02/2012 - 6:11 PM

Jess is posh

Jess is poshI think the background color provides good contrast with the model - and this is good. However, the pattern in the background is distracting.
What I'm saying I guess, is: good background contrast, yet distracting.

Her expression is lovely and her big green eyes, even more so. The photo is sharp and the skin tones are naturally looking.

Overall, I do like this shot a lot - it's however a shame for the distracting background. I would've defenitley blured the background more either by:

1. using a bigger aperture (which would've reduced sharpness) or,
2. by placing her further away from the background (which is probably not possible due to space constraints),
3. through photoshop

And I think you are improving too! Defenitely!
21/01/2012 - 4:37 PM

the world around

the world aroundI think this one I like the most out of yours lately.
I love the processing for it seems a bit more gentle - not too grainy, not too sharp!

I always love B&W for the power it gives for expressing every-day situations by removing all the distractions caused by color; it just allows the viewer to focus on what's happening. And this one, does it so well ...

1. Those two guys in the midle of the frame - it wouldn't work with them placed elsewhere - GREAT COMPOSITION
2. The contrast made by people arround them moving while they are still
3. The whole atmosphere

I guess above summarises my analysis of this gem!
Defenitely a winner! Keep the good work!
11/01/2012 - 12:21 AM

Chelsie and her hat

Chelsie and her hathmmm I wonder if you could've avoided the pronounced shadow over her left eye with a reflector .... it doesn't seem to harsh but, in my eyes, it just looks a bit odd...

Looking at her pose, i'm just now thinking maybe your point of view wasn't the best ... i'm thinking her keep the same pose while you moving in a way so that you frame her face between her arms with fill-flash, from below, slightly closer to exagerate perspective Smile A variation would be her then to turn her face towards you so youd have had two shots: 1 side face, another front face Smile both framed between her arms while still keeping the

Hope you take this constructively as I know I've got an extreme critique eye sometimes! Smile
08/01/2012 - 9:57 PM

Natalie's black hat

Natalie's black hati find the model quite sexy.
however, i don't personally like the framing on this one although the pose is good.
I think a different point of view would've looked better such as a photo taken from below, upwards.
But that's just a personal taste! Smile
06/01/2011 - 10:57 PM

The Mask Behind

The Mask BehindI think there was more potential here ... there are two many distracting ellements - it's the two masks, two much sparkling stuff going on - most of the times, less in more when it comes to photography and in this case, simplifying things a bit (maybe a different background) would've given a much better result.

I like the detail in the masks though!
12/08/2010 - 3:09 PM

Eden Waterfall

Eden Waterfallit would've looked so much nicer (I think) had you used a longer exposure to smoother the waterfall a bit more.

I think the foreground folliage (those big leafs) is a bit distracting - maybe changing the perspective - laying down perhaps - would've helped!

It is never the less a good shot and I do not dislike it Smile

Well done!
Fresh garden produce - round yellow courgettessuch a nice yellow; such nice lighting on the subject!
bit of rushed on the background, no? why not spend just a bit more time on it?!

I think that pure white/black background would've worked so nicely! I would've gone for white.

Sorry for being so picky Smile
23/02/2010 - 2:51 PM

Chrysanthemum Daisy

Chrysanthemum DaisyI like this shot overall - great detail and great simple, yet effective color composition.

As I understand, you tried to use a white background on purpose. However, I do think that a black background would have made a much better contrast!

Another thing I noticed is the framing. I think that had you tried to frame it so that the flower shows diagonally (a bit of an angle) rather than vertically, would've been better due to a more realistic look - what I mean is that no flower stands that straight.