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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Harley by Brynley

    So happy
    • 18 Jan 2016 11:20AM
  • Mono View of Blea Tarn by pughs

    I know the view well. Lovely spot.
    • 11 Feb 2015 1:28PM
  • Windswept Beauty by JanOByrne

    Love the tangled mane, well captured.
    • 12 Jan 2015 9:31AM
  • Robin by Mags100

    Great Shot. The background could be faded perhaps ?
    • 4 Dec 2014 10:38AM
  • Web by marshfam19

    Like it, I have tried this shot without the success you have had.
    • 4 Dec 2014 10:31AM
  • White Top by Goody2shoes

    Hi Harriet, it was taken off the coast of Tenerife looking at Los Gigantes. With Mt. Teide
    in the background.
    • 15 Mar 2014 3:38PM
  • Don't take my picture...2 by debu

    What a fierce looking fellah, great shot.
    • 8 Feb 2014 9:04AM
  • Seafront by Goody2shoes

    Thanks for your comments folks. It is the seafront at Exmouth, looking towards the docks.
    • 7 Feb 2014 9:57AM
  • Canadian Winter by MalcolmM

    True mono, great shot
    • 13 Nov 2013 1:59PM
  • Fishing on rydal water by hughsey

    Just returned from a walk around Rydal, what a great place it is.
    • 14 May 2013 10:54AM
  • Buttermere by Goody2shoes

    Thanks for your comments folks. Not quite sure what you are seeing John, this is a replica
    of the raw file with exposure, colour and contrast added.
    But all comments are helpful
    • 9 May 2013 9:56AM
  • Otter By River by rmcool

    Well captured, I just love Otters
    Terry SmileSmile
    • 4 Dec 2012 2:35PM
  • Out of the Brickwork by Goody2shoes

    Thanks everyone, I am waiting to see how much bigger it gets then record it again.
    • 4 Sep 2012 7:33PM
  • Boat Carrier by Goody2shoes

    Thanks for your comment
    • 5 Jul 2012 8:24PM
  • Scaleber Force by Goody2shoes

    Thankyou Tony for your encouraging comment. Terry
    • 3 Jul 2012 8:34AM
  • The Old Man by Goody2shoes

    I thought with all the youngsters around he might have been the daddy. Thanks for the info Tony.
    • 26 Jun 2012 5:39PM
  • Old Friends by Goody2shoes

    Thanks for the comments, I was trying out a new piece of software.
    • 16 Feb 2012 9:15AM
  • Mr. Happy by jarendell

    Don't cry it will spoil the makeup. Great mono.
    • 15 Feb 2012 9:00AM
  • Visions of Haiti by achieverswales

    Happy Chappies
    • 15 Feb 2012 8:57AM
  • I'm in front by Goody2shoes

    Thanks for your advice folks. It gives me much food for thought.
    • 28 Sep 2011 12:45PM
  • The Old Garage by andy210966

    Sad, but so many petrol stations went out of business due to buying power elsewhere.
    Not sure about the treatment, perhaps a little softer?
    • 20 Jul 2011 10:49AM
  • " The train now standing " by Goody2shoes

    Thanks folks for your kind comments, yes Theresa it is Buckfastleigh. With just a little bit of help from Photoshop.
    • 13 Apr 2011 10:16PM
  • Lone Tree on Dartmoor by Goody2shoes

    Thanks folks for your kind comments, the technique is something I am experimenting with at the moment. Using old shots from the archives.
    • 13 Mar 2011 12:39PM
  • Going Home by Goody2shoes

    Thanks Folks, I was trying to achieve a similar technique to one that I saw in an exibition. Obviously I have not got it right yet.
    • 15 Feb 2011 9:05PM
  • Blue Lagoon by Nick_w

    COOOOOOOL. Love it.
    • 13 Feb 2011 11:09AM
  • Sunny Brixham by Goody2shoes

    Thanks everyone for your interesting comments. This was a result of just playing around, can I repeat it?
    • 13 Feb 2011 8:43AM
  • Close to the Edge by petejeff

    Good composition, but the water too creamy for my taste. Interesting area.
    • 3 Feb 2011 8:48AM
  • Chodsky pes by Miroslav

    Wonderful shot, those beautiful eyes saying love me. and I am sure you do.
    • 23 Jan 2011 11:37AM
  • Snowy and Bright by Goody2shoes

    Thankyou all for your help and constructive comments. They all give me something to work on. Thanks again.
    • 11 Dec 2010 8:24PM
  • Red and White by Goody2shoes

    Berry good Anthony.
    • 8 Dec 2010 2:27PM