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I inherited the knack of infuriating the woman in my life from my dad.

Now Jo is having a break from me pestering her to pose as we have our new puppy, Mac! He's a natural.

I hope you enjoy my seriously amature take on some subjects.
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A quick view of goosed's recent activity.

  • Wickham, a frozen visor and an amazing collection of machinery

    Yes a lovely bit of kit, but a bit of kit I am completely unfamiliar with. The polished tank and sweeping exhaust caught my eye. I think, and I could be wrong, but I think it has a BSA motor in it.
    • 26 Dec 2013 10:11PM
  • Fully loaded

    • 10 Oct 2013 9:32PM
  • Good Boy

    Smile I thought the same, cheers
    • 3 Jun 2013 6:10PM
  • Tree covered in fungi

    I like it Smile
    • 24 Mar 2013 5:59PM
  • Spot the dog

    Smile Cheers Diane
    • 26 Feb 2013 7:14PM
  • European-style fashion glamour

    Very nice, great looking model.
    • 26 Feb 2013 2:20PM
  • Devils Marbles

    Brilliant colours and textures, I think I was also there a few years back, after visiting a nature reserve. The NT is an amazing place. Good stuff
    • 19 Jan 2013 10:35AM
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  • cheers for stopping by and giving me a chance to view you pf, nice work, and i mean, how tough are sheep!!!! i'd make a bad one!

  • good on ya Fraja! God only knows, your port folio is something else, great work. the pic from your archives, "i remember", whats that all about? rock and rollllllll ;0
  • nice PF dude
  • i could comment on all your pics, saying the same thing : great! keep it up man! bring back the rothmans RC30's!!!

    rock and roll, Stuart easton rules!
  • Hello Paul, checked out your other website, 17 Leon Haslam BSB Donington, 09 no looking back and 08 Jeremy Mc Williams would be my choice, superb shots, especially Mc Williams like your right in there.

    No Easton though! He aint a top runner in BSB yet, that didnt work out but give him a few years. You see hes from the same town as me in Scotland, Hawick, so I like to keep an eye open for him. Hope Ive seen your photos in superbike magazine.

    If you want you can send any of Easton to

    I will be applying for an officials job the motto GP weekend at Philip Island, if your there let me know, I mean its only the other side of the planet.

    • Posted on Se7enUK's profile
    • 4 Jan 2006 2:00AM