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May 06
I live in NE London / Essex borders and I'm married with 2 children (both at Uni).
I've been a snapper since the mid 70's when I started with a Pentax KM. I progressed onto an Olympus OM2 with various lenses (fantastic little camera). I moved onto a Canon EOS600.
Only re-newed my interest in the last 18 months with a change to an EOS5.
I discovered EPZ earlier this year and have been greatly inspired to put more into my image creation.
As you can see from my portfolio, I'm still shooting film and like to try to capture an eclectic mix of images.

Update Dec 06
Changed from film to digital and loving the immediacy of the results.
If you have time check my wife's (JeanLP) and son's (Cpeachok) portfolios.

Update July07
Upgraded to E2 - so if you can, view it LARGE!!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my images, clicks and especially comments are always welcome!!




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