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Hi. Thanks for stopping by to view my little corner of Ephotozine.

Any comments good or bad are most welcome.
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A quick view of GraceC's recent activity.

  • Chalk-hill Blue - Polyommatus coridon. by NigelKiteley

    As above, a beautiful image with some stunning detail.
    • 28 Sep 2021 8:04AM
  • Skymaster by Maiwand

    Ron, a long time since I visited Epz and I am so glad that you are still a member and that your standards have got even better. A cracking shot with great details and pin sharp. Will look further back into your PF as and when I gett he time. Regards.
    • 30 Sep 2013 5:31PM
  • Jurassic Light by JAParsonage

    Paul just mentioned that you'd posted one from last night James. It's a corker of a shot as well. Great foreground and gorgeous light on Pulpit Rock. Good to meet you again yesterday and a pleasure to have you along. Take care out there.
    • 28 Sep 2013 12:14PM
  • Bright and cheerful by marktc

    That's a stunning image Mark. Great light and composition.
    • 20 Sep 2013 9:25AM
  • On the boardwalk by marktc

    "woman stood up half way through, don't these people know when a chap is trying to work???? WinkWinkWinkWink"...

    Do what Jack Nicholson said in a film once.. Walk tall and always carry an AK 47 (or words to that effect).
    • 30 Jul 2013 2:50PM
  • And now for something completely different... by marktc

    A fine experiment. The use of the wide angle lens certainly adds to the composition. When doing something like this I think it helps to have something for the trees/building to point at. In this image you have managed to retain detail both in the sky and land.
    • 4 Dec 2012 1:57PM
  • Sunset by marktc

    Like it alot Mark. I would make one suggestion and that is next time try to keep the horizon off the top of the rocks so that it doesn't look like the horizon is balancing on the rock.
    • 24 Jul 2012 9:50AM

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  • Posted on Melanie_M's profile

    After your kind comment on one of my uploads I had a look at your PF. I then just had to have a look at your website. Without trying to sound too gushing, what a truly awe inspiring set of images on both sites. I really look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Keep up the excellent work - Rgds Colin.
    • 1 Jul 2009 7:50PM
  • Posted on fatherpie's profile

    You were kind enough to leave a comment on one of my images so I had a look at your PF. So glad I did. A stunning set of photographs, I'll be returning to see more as they are added. Had a quick look at your website as well. Added that to bookmarks. Keep up the great work.
    • 11 Sep 2008 9:54PM

Limited to latest 30 results.