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  • Let's Do Lunch by SuziBlue

    Brilliant!!!!!!!......Hi! its me again! Is it like the Bronx!....well that's what my wife says and she is a Yenge!....who have to be a Huron Indian to understand what an American is call a ' Yankee ' !
    • 1 Nov 2010 1:26PM
  • Fungi by pdcche

    very nice.....with the faced background proper!
    • 1 Nov 2010 1:10PM
  • Pheasant by pdcche

    cracking shot!
    • 1 Nov 2010 1:04PM
  • Jewish Cemetary Prague by jason_e

    why is it like this! Surely there is, at least, no Jewish or Yiddish gold or silver available to create a civilize, humane site for visitors if the proper goverment are not wanting to carry out any change.
    Any comments?
    • 20 Jun 2008 1:05PM
  • hands by popescu_calin

    • 20 Jun 2008 12:48PM
  • New York Rush! by crazyman

    magic......I will get there soon!!!
    • 20 Jun 2008 12:46PM
  • Columns by mickp

    Lovely shot especially with the perspective. Stay in the white rail. It add and creates balance.
    • 19 Jun 2008 3:49PM
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  • Posted on: Nikon D60 at Park Cameras

    this gig is becominge SLOMPY! HERE....... so much Gaga! are wawamboyza?.....
    • 30 Jan 2008 6:00PM

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  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    good stuff
    • 26 Dec 2007 2:12PM
  • Posted on mrswoolybill's profile

    Happy Xmas and thanx for all your comments to my site in the past
    • 25 Dec 2007 11:06AM
  • Posted on AnneWorner's profile

    HI Anne and Thanx for the mail. I am too able to converse much cleverse I will get to you in a few days to let you know much now....sorry for the minute.
    • 18 Dec 2007 1:58AM
  • Posted on AnneWorner's profile

    thanx for your comment on the armour! not unusual as it was on situated on a medieval site and thing we made being made. Dancing and musice and singing of the time as well. All French of being English...well out of site!! Ha Ha!
    • 9 Dec 2007 2:26AM
  • Posted on riprap007's profile

    NO NO no NO RidleySunny Sunny Boy! FROM
    FROM Broud End!!!!....Broud End...... Muswell Hill.....the works. I was remember you.....worry ????
    • 2 Nov 2007 2:53AM
  • Posted on MikeA's profile

    sorry...only got somewhere in Oct 2006....can't go on at the moment...but I am sure the rest are the same
    • 2 Oct 2007 2:30PM
  • Posted on Lucy_Locket's profile

    great pf Lucy....keep 'em coming.
    • 24 Sep 2007 3:38AM
  • Posted on oppo's profile

    excellent sir.....fabulous use of colour.
    • 15 Jun 2007 12:17PM
  • Posted on digipix76's profile

    like your website.....not sure about the snap of bullets however!
    • 14 Jun 2007 4:05PM

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