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A quick view of Graflex's recent activity.

  • Cobweb Corner

    It seems the weather is about to change-so no more frost.
    Maybe best to look forward to January then.

    Have a nice holiday inbetween.

    • 13 Dec 2012 9:44AM
  • Going My Way...

    Actually it's 35028 CLAN LINE in disguise,up until January,then it will be re-painted back.

    Poor old Belgian Marine was scrapped years ago.The nameplates were saved that go on the side,and occasionally it runs as the Marine.

    You are the second person to say it's Rolf.....perhaps looking for a job when it's re-painted.Well actually it's only the cab number they change & the nameplate.

    Back to the job centre then...
    • 14 Dec 2011 11:55AM
  • Oil Can Henry...

    Clive,most don't go this route usually via Hounslow branch.On this occasion it actually stopped at Twickers to pick up passengers.As I say,rather late running because of 'over-heating',but it got there.
    Actually you can get anywhere in England from Twickers if National Rail opened up the lines-the secret,like this train,it branches off a Clapham Jnc.where a series of points lead everywhere in G.B.
    This is how we got the freight around the country during the last war,especially out of Feltham marshalling yard...all that track is still there at Clapham.And in jolly good nick I might add.

    Just cannot be bothered with 'Digital' when I can get superior results with the cameras I've got-besides I want to see the negs on the light box and feel the film in the hand.At least I know film lasts for over 50-years judging by my collection.

    • 29 Jun 2011 1:34PM
  • Serenity...

    Richsr..Many Thanks. H.
    • 17 May 2011 4:22PM
  • Trade Perks...

    I still have the Master 3,wonderful meter.I upgraded at the time to the silver model,got rid of it.But retained the 3.So glad I did.
    I compared it with the Rollei meter in the camera-spot on.

    The Rollei 3.5F in the picture didn't have a meter-but my present one does that's how I compared.
    Also with the meters on the Nikon 35mm.
    Actually you can see the meter around my neck in it's brown case.

    • 14 May 2011 12:27PM
  • Karen's Smile..

    ,,and Im NOT photoshopping her to slim down-she is ALL women-that's how I like to see them in photographs.
    Pure and wholesome,guys.The camera should tell the truth.

    • 6 May 2011 6:07PM
  • Margo Mayne

    Appreciate that..B/W was always a favourite of mine,especially Synchro Sunlight technique.That's if the sun was shining...
    • 3 May 2011 4:03PM

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