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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi Thanks for looking. This is such a great website. I welcome all constructive criticism, especially when it begins,' Wow what a fantastic picture..'.
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  • Six Spot Burnet Moth

    Quote:Seems just a little over-saturated in my eyes, just an opinion, still a good composition though....


    I'm glad you said that. I think you are right. In fact I think I have a tendency to over-saturate which I need to get under control!
    • 5 Jul 2011 9:08PM
  • European Brown Hare

    Nice shot!
    I agree about the above comments regarding composition, but in the real world you can't always organize the model to behave appropriately. LOL.
    I spend a lot of time photographing hares up here in Lancashire. One tip is that although they have more or less 360 vision, their blind spot, such as it is, is dead ahead. Many times I have stood on the road with a hare coming straight towards me oblivious to my presence and pass within a few feet.

    I have just bought a 500mm f4. What a superb lens. The trouble is I get carried away and start taking photographs of things that are, realistically, much to far away. Even with the 1.4 extender the IQ is superb.
    • 1 Jun 2011 11:38AM
  • Brown Hare

    That is a superb shot. Congratulations!!
    • 5 Apr 2011 7:39AM
  • Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea )

    That is a very impressive picture. I take my hat off to you!!
    • 3 Apr 2011 8:02PM
  • wasp

    Excellent! Stunning detail.
    • 5 Aug 2010 9:47PM
  • Dusky Meadow Brown

    Fantastic image. I have just been looking through your portfolio for the first time. I'm knocked out by you pictures. A real inspiration. Thank you!!
    • 3 Aug 2010 9:02PM
  • 'GOTCHA!'


    71 Votes should be enough for anyone.

    Have another one!!
    • 10 May 2010 6:48PM
  • Marsh Panoramic

    A most encouraging image. I have the Canon lens on order to go on my 7D. Now I'm getting even more impatient. Excellent picture. Well done!
    • 10 May 2010 6:40PM
  • Beach Colours

    I love it!
    • 30 Apr 2010 7:09AM
  • Seconds Out

    I share your harey enthusiasm. Excellent shots terry. I particularly like your previous shot of the hare at full tilt. I will get around to uploading some of mine soon.
    • 14 Mar 2010 8:19PM
  • Eoro sea Eagle

    Magnificent shot!!
    • 30 Aug 2009 5:29PM
  • Toadstall

    Also sometims known as Lawyer's Wig
    • 30 Aug 2009 5:28PM
  • Rehearsal Notes

    It's really odd. I'd almost forgotten about the images and I was looking through my files and thought I'd post one and see what the reaction was. I'm really chuffed with the award, it's the first one I've ever had, thanks for the comments.

    I was trying to show how composing and music, jazz being my particular world, is 24 hours. The lighting was intended to convey that. either late evening or early morning, and the frustrations of creation.
    • 1 Aug 2009 6:04PM
  • What am I ?

    I reckon it's a coypu
    • 16 Jul 2009 2:57PM
  • Heron

    Now that's a great shot!!
    • 1 May 2009 9:27PM
  • Bittern

    Quote:Very nice shot of an illusive target.
    My only nit with this one is the lack of any detail in the eye. A catchlight would have tipped it for me, but sometimes we have to take what we get in the instant


    Thanks for the comment John, that's a useful point. I'm going to check the other shots.
    • 4 Apr 2009 9:23PM
  • Grey Heron

    Thanks to everyone for your great and supportive comments.

    Yes Tim, I discovered that very quickly, because unless the tripod is absolutely vertical, or as in the heron shot above, the hide shelf onto which it was clamped, then as you pan round what was nicely horizontal, stops being nicely horizontal, but loosening the lens collar allows you to correct for it.

    Worth every penny!!
    • 20 Mar 2009 11:00PM
  • Bad Lad

    Perhaps not one for the album!
    • 24 Nov 2008 6:09PM
  • Early morning frost

    Excellent. I particularly like the shapes created by the walls andthe positoning f thecurve wall and th neaest barn.
    • 22 Oct 2008 9:08AM
  • Grass.....

    Wonderful photograph. Lovely muted colours and oof background.
    • 19 Oct 2008 7:11PM
  • Ships Rope

    excellent! Amost looks like a snake or animal curled up.
    • 29 Sep 2008 7:33AM
  • Barn Owl

    Really excellent shot Chris. I didn't realize you were an EPZ member.
    • 22 Sep 2008 7:24AM
  • Low Pass

    Quote:Now here is a challenge for next - how about a panning shot of its low pass to get the background a blur? Great capture BTW.

    Damn! Now I'm going to have to book again!
    • 22 Sep 2008 7:22AM
  • Surfer Girls

    fantastic light!
    • 18 Aug 2008 10:01PM
  • Kestrel

    very nice shot indeed. Well done
    • 18 Aug 2008 7:24AM
  • Brown Argus

    Excellent shot!
    • 14 Aug 2008 7:27PM
  • Tiger!

    Absolutely stunning!!
    • 13 Aug 2008 10:01PM
  • Peacock

    Very nice indeed. Well done!
    • 13 Aug 2008 10:00PM
  • Grey Heron

    Very nice shot. But tell me, what calibre rifle do you use when hunting damsel flies?
    • 13 Aug 2008 9:58PM
  • Bittern

    That wasn't by any chance the day they were cutting the reeds about 2 weeks ago was it. I heard about it in the cafe and scampered down with my gear but by the time I got there...guess what..

    I've seen bitterns several times at Leighton Moss but never close enough to be able to get a good photograph.

    Very nice shot indeed.

    Shuffles off muttering 'lucky *******'
    • 12 Aug 2008 9:56PM