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  • I have a photosmart 7960 printer great pictures when i print on plain paper but as soon as i print on photopaper the image turns red , I have tried different makes of photopaper but same result ,I use a mac and have tried all the usual calibration and settings but no change,Could someone please help it is driving me nuts.
  • thanks everybody for your opinion.. sorry to have caused friction between some members.i just wanted a idea of model numbers and makes so i can look at these models and decide for myself.i know everybody has there favorites.
    sorry again
  • Just brought a new camera (d200) and now looking to upgrade my printer.
    Has anyone got any idea's .I just don't know where to start

  • Can anyone help me !!!!
    When i print snow photos they seem well they do come out blue .
    On preview they seem fine but when i send to print the problem then starts.
    Am i doing somthing wrong on the printer settings or was it when i took the picture ie the wb.