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  • Wild

    That's a cracker. Nice pose, nice framing, perfect bit of back-lighting and fill-flash (or reflector)
    • 24 Apr 2012 5:19PM
  • Rainford Station

    Thank you Canonshots and Pamela for the comments and remarks. Much appreciated, especially as this was more a passing snap than an image I took any time to compose; so the mostly positive remarks are very encouraging. As I said, I put this one on thinking I had a larger allowance, but that was my mistake. I will add better ones as I go.
    I agree with what you say about the red signs, Canon, and I did think about removing them, but a lot of an image is down to personal taste, and I decided I liked them, as I did with the slanting sign. Again, I did actually remove that during some crop trials, but found I preferred it in. I think it adds to the dilapidated, almost forgotten feel of the location... Again though, that's personal taste. The one thing I think I should have removed is that god-awful, blue bin by the signal box... and maybe the car.
    Pamela, I really appreciate you mentioning that the image appeared 'dark' on your monitor. I have noticed that my prints have been appearing darker than the monitor image, and I was going to investigate if it was the printer or the monitor that needed adjustment. I suspected the monitor, as the printer is of very high quality, so I'll get right on that.
    You mentioned the POV Pamela, and that's one of the reasons why I don't rate this as one of my best - I was just keen to get something in my portfolio. The reason for the POV is that I was walking across the road bridge above the station, and I kinda took the picture in passing, if you follow. I was actually out and about looking for some good spring images. I do have some nice shots of the station and the area which I took last summer, and I'll be sure to post them at a later date.
    Pamela, the station itself basically consists of two tatty old platforms with an incongruous yellow bus stop type shelter on each, but the old bridge and the station box are very picturesque. You might want to Google Rainford Junction Station and see some pictures of what it was like in its heyday. It's hard to believe it's the same station.
    Thank you both again.
    • 27 Apr 2011 6:37PM

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