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After many years away bringing up the family home, the introduction of digital photography has re-awakened my life long hobby and interest in the medium.

I use to be avid user of Russian range finder cameras in the 70s 80s which glad to say I still have, but have now retired them in favour of Olympus and Fuji digital models

Home is on the South Coast of the UK at the Port of Poole , with the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world.

You will see a varied selection of my work, I try not to be tied down to any particular theme with my work as their is a photograph in all aspects of life
I always try to keep it fresh, and I'm always looking for opportunities to expolre this medium and learn from others

I would welcome any and all comments on my work .
thanks for taking the time to check me out.
Roland aka Guzman


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