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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • 60 Years on

    I have so much respect for them nice composition with the legion sign , repectful click
    • 5 Jun 2004 11:09PM
  • Forrest IRoad.

    I do like this ,has very good balance on composition and your use of IR colour, Talybont is a great place for imaginative shots such as this...... an old happy hunting ground for me

    Big click thoroughly deserved
    • 23 Apr 2004 12:04AM
  • mog shot

    Your mad .....but I just love it
    BIG click
    • 18 Apr 2004 12:28PM
  • Large Cock

    thank you..... for your title...and I agree

    • 17 Apr 2004 1:14AM
  • Downhill House

    Beautiful Ir work, great tones to the grey's,
    definition and sharpness top quailty, truly stunning
    one day I will.......

    BIG click
    • 15 Apr 2004 11:09PM
  • Red Spring

    Thanks Pat,little snippets of information on what or how to improve are most rewarding and appreciated rather than clicks thanks again
    • 14 Apr 2004 12:16AM
  • Boat House

    Thanks to everybody on your positive comments
    and yes to Chris and others about it not being completely with out fault, more work in post processing would clean it a little some all comments are still truly gratefully received

    Tony for you and others, this shot was taken at 3.6 aperture and 3 seconds exposure / I did take more than 30 shots at different setting, as experimentation is needed with this type of photography

    glad you all enjoyed it
    cheers roland
    • 10 Apr 2004 11:05AM
  • Something old, Something IR

    Agree about the sharpen but composition is perfect
    • 11 Apr 2004 1:23AM
  • Science Centre

    Why this did not get a Editors award is beyond me!! great post work and captures
    • 11 Apr 2004 1:21AM
  • Ice Reflections

    Just love it to bits
    big CLICK
    • 11 Apr 2004 1:27AM

    your mad ..... but I just love it!
    • 11 Apr 2004 11:51AM
  • Judgement Day

    just total absorbing quality BIG click
    • 25 Feb 2004 12:29AM
  • Another Maiko

    lovely soft capture I do like the back lighting big click here
    • 23 Feb 2004 1:56AM
  • The stairway

    Worthy of any desktop, thanks for sharing click
    • 8 Feb 2004 2:44AM
  • Moment of Extinction

    Focus who cares....sharpness ,clarity. subject, composition, all these and more are top notch, no more to say really, thanks for sharing it with us
    • 31 Jan 2004 9:39PM
  • Downstream

    I just love the stillness that this capture brings so tranquil and peaceful
    • 31 Jan 2004 12:01PM
  • Artist Interpretation (Magritte)

    Artist Interpretation more like Mad Artist
    love it made me smile
    • 24 Jan 2004 12:18AM
  • Let Me Check My Files

    view from inside my hardrives!!! love it
    • 17 Jan 2004 12:54AM
  • Release Me

    Thank you both ,I am trying a different approch to my shots this year with detail being the objective and also b&w, so all comments are gratefully recived
    • 17 Jan 2004 12:52AM
  • Black cat

    having read your profile you have not dipped in the digital waters.....but jump straight in.....enjoyable made me smile
    • 16 Jan 2004 9:46PM
  • My Church

    good mood about this shot,enjoyable,well done
    • 15 Jan 2004 12:49AM
  • Chinese Lampost

    lovely capture I do like the auroa surrounding the lamp, very good and enjoyable
    • 15 Jan 2004 12:53AM
  • "In thought"

    Just love the bandaged knee , hav'nt we all suffered this ,good compostion, just suggest a bit sharper, now give him his pocket money(lol)enjoyable post

    • 9 Jan 2004 9:50PM
  • Wingspan

    very good use of dof, and intresting composition, enyoyable
    • 3 Jan 2004 11:25PM
  • Misty Blue

    Good composition ,seems it was foggy in the distance, and the feeling of cold does flow from this fine capture well done.
    • 1 Jan 2004 9:17PM
  • Hull Fair

    I do like your capture the way you can pick out more detail from the scary heights of the wheel , unusal that you chose to use 800 iso as your film speed , presume your shutter speed was quite long as I detect no grainy artifacts in this shot well done
    • 31 Dec 2003 9:29AM
  • Lindfield Sunrise

    WOW Stunning is the first word that springs to mind plus sharpness ,clarity. subject, composition, all these and more are top notch, no more to say really, thanks for sharing it with us
    • 31 Dec 2003 9:19AM
  • Black on Blue

    Yes it is a cormorant mike ,thanks for the comment its just the location is named after the re-introduction centre for storks in france, will post some intresting more shots at a later date
    happy new year
    • 30 Dec 2003 1:09PM
  • Tallinn Towers

    Very good composition and capture stunning surreal looking sky with good graduation of colour and light
    • 28 Dec 2003 11:42PM
  • Beehive Ginger

    BIG thanks for the post giving me the info as to the plant speices Lorraine
    been after this info for months
    I see in your shot they even change colour
    wonderful grouping
    • 24 Dec 2003 2:49PM