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"I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking". (Christopher Isherwood)

On 01/01/21 I decided to change my name from glevensis to Gwailo Ang Mo, which I use more frequently elsewhere. It is a portmanteau name of two different Chinese names for white people. They used to be pejorative, but over time, a little less so. Gwailo ( 鬼佬 ) is Cantonese and means ghost or devil man, and Ang Mo ( 紅毛 ) is Hokkien and literally means red-haired. They neatly tie together two parts of the world, Hong Kong and Singapore, which I like a lot and where I spent some of my infancy in the 1950s.

Now retired from the day job, but still the human companion of Iain d'Eau, the bear with expensive tastes who is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He would welcome new followers. I am holding interviews for persons with taste and the necessary financial resources to sponsor me, to allow the world to enjoy my many talents, and to ensure Iain travels in the first class comfort he deserves.

My late partner used to post here too. He was much better than me. His name on the site is laingdonaldson.

Thanks for stopping by. Tim.
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