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By pfheyes  
No new photos to upload, so I thought it was time to put my learning hat on!

I've been frustrated with the colours of my uploads. While I don't think I have cracked it, I have only just discovered colour spaces and the forum comments that indicate that you should use sRGB. The learning continues ... !

This is an old image I uploaded at the beginning of the year. It was pre-e2, and it was done as a mono, so I've uploaded a larger colour version for your comments and crit.

I've aimed for more muted tones to suit the subject, but I will attach a mod with a more saturated version for comparison. What do you think?

Thanks for looking,


Tags: Landscape and travel

Voters: pks, hermin, SueTurner and 64 more

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hermin 18 2 Israel
6 Jun 2005 12:16PM
effective composition. Strong lines and textures game.
SueTurner 18 81 3 England
6 Jun 2005 12:18PM
Strong composition, especially like the sky and water have similar colours to the boat, flows together really well - sue
6 Jun 2005 12:22PM
easy to agree with the other comments. A classic shot well taken. compostion spot on and I like the colours. did you get any close ups of the boat. looks good for texture!
John_Duckett 18 386 2 Norfolk Island
6 Jun 2005 12:30PM
A great composition Pete and such wonderful lighting

Davidmet 17 209 1 England
6 Jun 2005 12:30PM
Everything from light, composition and even the frame pleases me. These are the colours I look for, muted and natural. The boats peeling paint lifts the image and the top left corner of sky is a delight in it's self. Fine work. Clicked.
messhai 18 8 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:32PM
Nice one!! Love the composition and colours!

Smile Ade
Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:33PM
Nice shot, Pete. I like the colour of both - the mod takes the lead (just) for me - it seems more 3d somehow.

Lovely composition

Mari Smile
MikeFisher 17 202 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:36PM
Great composition, exposure, and overall a very pleasing image, you must be well pleased. the way the colours look fine as is to me, perhaps a little more contrast could be used (+15 in photoshop seems to work well),giving an added boost to the mood of the pic, not that it really needs it, its a stunning picture as it is, just my thoughts...

MaRap 17
6 Jun 2005 12:40PM
Composition, colours, atmosphere - that's it!
MikeFisher 17 202 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:50PM
Pete, ignore my submitted version, it looks dreadful!
the upload gremlins mystify me...!!

....must remember that bit about sRGB

edrhodes 17 548 13 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:50PM
Beautifull composition that work's really well Peter.
Is that a seal in the water!! only kidding.

KathyW 19 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
6 Jun 2005 12:53PM
Beautiful shot, and the colour looks fine on my monitor.
Can't say which one I like best - Maybe split the difference and have the foreground of the saturated version, and the original background!
Lovely image whatever :o)
PaulG 17 63 New Zealand
6 Jun 2005 12:57PM
I agree with what's been said so far. I like the muted tones myself and I like the slightly boosted version too.

Either way it's a fine image.

Paul *click*
jules41 18 197 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 12:59PM
The colours in this look superb to me Pete,i love the shot,excellent use of composition and superb detail.well captured
solkku 17 25
6 Jun 2005 1:06PM
Lovely composition and lightning. A very appealing photo. Clicked.

gwyn h 18 432
6 Jun 2005 1:10PM
Outstanding Pete. Such detail in the large version. But I have to say my eye is drawn to that solitary rock, I know your thoughts on cloning but I just had to submit a modified version with the rock removed. SORRY!!

pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 1:11PM
Thanks very much everyone. Looks like a split of opinion on the different colour versions. Kind of reflects my thoughts really, sometimes I like the muted version, other times the boosted one. Smile

No worries about the mod, Mike Smile

Gwyn - it might be an otter! ;O)

Now that you mention it though, it does look better sans rock/seal/otter/thingy.

gwyn h 18 432
6 Jun 2005 1:12PM
More like Nessie!! It really does jar with me honestly Pete, and detracts somewhat from an otherwise sublime image. Just my opinion...for what it's worth ;o)

rocky41 18 189 England
6 Jun 2005 1:16PM
looks fine to me i might have chopped a slice off the bottom
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 1:19PM
Fairy Nuff, Mr H, Fairy Nuff :o)

I see where you are coming from, Garry, as the foreground is a little untidy. Personally, I like the inclusion of the foreground grasses and the boulder, as it captures the feel of the place and adds texture. Horses for courses and all that kind of thing.


denka 17 7 Finland
6 Jun 2005 1:21PM
Fantastic looking landscape. Love hte ray of light that is bursting from the clouds. Perfect comp and pin sharp details. click

6 Jun 2005 1:35PM
Excellent Pete. The lighting is the best bit.

iscramble 19 90 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 1:44PM
I like it Pete. Just right imho.
skydivemike 17 47 Northern Ireland
6 Jun 2005 1:49PM
This gets my vote.A++++++++++++++++++++++

CanonMan 21 588 4 England
6 Jun 2005 1:49PM
What a great, well balanced, well presented shot. Lovely.
cdm36 18 391 7 England
6 Jun 2005 1:54PM
Nice!! , at the moment I prefer the muted version,kinda think it depends what mood you are in to which version you like,

Skier 19 203 China
6 Jun 2005 2:01PM
Definitely prefer the more muted version. The colours are more real. Amazing what a little tweak can do!

Off to investigate sRGB

PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
6 Jun 2005 2:02PM
I'll have to check out what you are talking about. I do know that I have trouble with compression making the larger images look chopped up. Colours are a different story. But this looks good to me.
ashley 18 167 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 2:10PM
Nice shot, love the cool blue colour,
well done

future 17 153
6 Jun 2005 2:16PM
Great stuff, they both look great a lovely composition (the rock does draw now my attention was drawn to IT!!) A lovely shot, well done, Cheers Chris
alfpics Plus
20 388 4 England
6 Jun 2005 2:28PM
Superb piccy Pete! Great comp and lovely sharp detail in foreground. Know what yu mean re colour profiles - my upload today looks a bit flat, cos I forgot to set it to sRGB.
AngieLatham 18 790 2 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 2:57PM
Great work! Love the mood and the colour tones,really captures a sense of mystery.
ericfaragh Plus
19 149 6 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 3:16PM
Lovely work, great image, well done.
6 Jun 2005 3:27PM
It's a really nice shot.
I prefer the saturated version myself. I feel the grass looks too washed out in this one. The blue on the boat has a lustre that is missing too.
The only time I haven't used sRGB is to mute nuclear reds in over active sunsets.
All the best.

glazzaro 17 70 23 United States
6 Jun 2005 5:48PM
Beautiful shot, excellent scene! Spot on! Click!!!

banehawi Plus
18 2.8k 4331 Canada
6 Jun 2005 6:23PM
Lovely shot. Uploaded a mod for comparison.

A_Harrison 18 261 Canada
6 Jun 2005 7:39PM
Deserves every click it gets.very nice.WOW.

jaktis 18 84 Sweden
6 Jun 2005 9:58PM
I clicke the previous one and I click this, but I like this more with its more natural colours.

pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 10:20PM
Thanks muchly everyone.

Hi Simon - maybe I've overdone it with the muted effect. This is a work-in-progress though, and I haven't cracked colour spaces by any means. I've often wondered why my images look comparatively garish or unnatural looking, and I think that is the key. I'll need to do some reading-up methinks. :o)


6 Jun 2005 10:37PM
Well Pete if you have a lot to learn, some of us are still using the Kodak Brownie...
Both of the shots are very good I personally prefer the contrasty shot, but the muted tones in the former are quite superb. I took a while to realise that the srgb was the one for the web, but you lose a lot of colours by changing. The rgb 1998 is the one if you do prints, much better I believe.
Your work as always is inspirational, I love it.
All the very best Pete,
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 11:28PM
Cheers Dougie.

With this digital malarkey, it looks like you never stop learning! Smile

All the best,

pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 12:26AM
Apologies Willie, I've just noticed your modification. It definitely gives it a warmer feel to the image (the auto white balance on the RAW converter came up with a similar result), but I preferred the cooler tones for the subject. However, I don't like the blue clouds on my version either. Maybe, something in between would work?

I'd be interested in what other people prefer, because I find it very hard to be objective about colour and is a weakness in my digital photography.

All the best,

claret 18 49 England
7 Jun 2005 12:31AM
Stop learning? I've yet to start with PS, I think! Leaving colour spaces well alone until In figure out layers and other basics.
I liked the original of this, Pete (and still do) but I think this version works very well too.
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 1:02AM
Cheers Iain Smile

arnieg 18 704 England
7 Jun 2005 2:16AM
good landscape reealy like the way you have caught the paint peeling of the boat
User_Removed 17 132
7 Jun 2005 3:23AM
colours look good to me. as does the composition. great shot
jeanie Plus
18 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 3:34AM
I remember this shot the first time around. Its so much stronger this time and Its great being able to see it ata 1000 px too.

CathyI 18 344 3 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 3:37AM
This is a lovely shot Pete and I personally prefer the original, more muted version - but that may just be my current mood...

I hadn't noticed the "rock" until I read the comments and now can't stop seeing it, so maybe it would be better to get rid of it (my bets would be on Jaws though!)
mipettin 18 884 2 Scotland
7 Jun 2005 4:54AM
Love Banehawis mod - super shot but the original is a little dark and cool for me. Cheers, Martin
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 5:35AM
Thanks all.

Hi Martin - I still prefer my version, so ... ner! :oP

Seriously, I agree that the tones may be too cool, although I think Willie's version is too much the other way for me (too warm) and doesn't suit the subject. It might grow on me though - as you can tell, I'm not set on this one!

As I'll no new images for a while, I might have another go at this and upload a different version a day. LOL

All the best,

SteveSharp 19 34 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 8:53AM
I really pleasing image Pete, I also think the comp is excellent, I've uploaded a mod cos I thought it might lend itself to a mono image which I think it does although I'm not over keen on my quick attempt.
plutoman 18 347
7 Jun 2005 11:03AM
Thats a fantastic shot Pete. Great exposure, flat tone and hint of colour. Truly exceptional.. A wall hanger IMHO..


I have also just discovered rgb was switched off in elements, so a lot of dull looking uploads. Its now set to full AdobeRGB hope this is correct, I will load a shot tomorrow and see how its looks. You are right about the learning!
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
7 Jun 2005 11:53PM
Thanks Steve - I had a go at a mono a few months ago, but I prefer your take on it compared to mine. I agree with you that it does suit a mono treatment.

Thanks muchly Craig. I'm planning to get a large print of this one. Smile

All the best,

lobsterboy Plus
18 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2005 4:54AM
Oh I've looked at all the variations and I can't decide. So I'm sitting firmly on the fence Smile
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2005 5:42AM
Ah g'wan g'wan g'wan! :o)

banehawi Plus
18 2.8k 4331 Canada
9 Jun 2005 6:39AM
I agree with your comment of colour preference, - with the huge range of possibilities in digital manipulation you sort of loose your anchor point where you really knew what a blue sky is supposed to look like. I suppose it just becomes a matter of preference over time. Monitor varitions are another thing, - they vary widely, so were not all looking at the same thing. I will try a cooler mod for a bit of fun.

Paulbee 18 51 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2005 7:11AM
Theres a nice feel to this one. It looks OK to me despite your own self critical comments. The quality is good right through from the sharply defined reeds in the foreground to the clouds in the distance.
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2005 12:40PM
Cheers guys Smile

martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2005 1:32PM
The more saturated version edges it for me, just a bit more 'life' to it. Being really sneaky, I really prefer the version you uploaded in jan 05!
14 Jun 2005 1:27PM
Lovely comp, Pete, but prefer the more saturated version. Click
Portknockie 18 48 Scotland
15 Jun 2005 1:22AM
Looks superb.Great detail and the colours and light are spot on.

pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2005 3:16AM
Thanks all

26 Jun 2005 12:53PM
Fantastic composition, great work.
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2005 1:02PM
Thanks Mark

KevinGoodchild 21 1.2k 9 England
29 Jun 2005 8:23AM
cracking composition,

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