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29 Sep 2004 3:10PM
I like this. K.
saggy9999 16 8
29 Sep 2004 3:13PM
nice abstract style picture
can see it as a poster ect
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 3:16PM
Great shot, really really good. Looks like a prison cell.
buchananbchb 16 374 1 England
29 Sep 2004 3:20PM
Great shot, I love the use of light.. the shadow effects are great.
jan 1 16 12 Netherlands
29 Sep 2004 3:23PM
Great looking Image again, Gwyn.
Bic click.!
nigelsharman 18 30 England
29 Sep 2004 3:24PM
Well it!

brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 3:31PM
I like these soft toned architectural shots of yours Gwyn. As the other had lots of clicks I thought I would leave one here

proberts 16 218 4 Wales
29 Sep 2004 3:51PM
Excellent shot Gwyn,lovely lines and shadows,well done*click*
helendixon 16 30 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 4:07PM
I love the shadows, almost abstract.

29 Sep 2004 4:21PM
Well seen, Gwyn. Click

old timer 16 55 1 Scotland
29 Sep 2004 4:42PM
As you know, Gwyn, I love shadow shots, and this is great. The only thing I'd change is to clone out that cord.
ginz04 16 281 20 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 5:15PM
good shape and tones
pamnew1 16 3
29 Sep 2004 5:24PM
Great shot! well done!
Mixpix 16 1.1k England
29 Sep 2004 5:26PM
Nice shadow shot Gwyn, love the pattern. click

That mad bloke was me you cheeky hopalong! LOL

inkarts 16 61 2
29 Sep 2004 5:34PM
Strong bars, shadow works well. nice work. john
foggytwo 17 36 1 Scotland
29 Sep 2004 5:49PM
Brilliant lighting here Gwyn with super angles and shadows. I like the two cross shadows that cant be seen in the image,very clever,and very good texture in the sill and I like the tones too. Very well done. Click.

ps. Have you tried the e-mail again?.
willbrealey 16 253
29 Sep 2004 6:19PM
Excellent, really pleasing composition of shadows and bars. Love the cord.
UserHasLeft 17 654
29 Sep 2004 6:24PM
Y'alright, sugar...? Bet you're bored whitless aren't ya. This is typical you - well seen, well set up, well taken, well uploaded lol.

As the other challenge was a bit impossible, how bout a nice self portrait....including your toe maybe Smile
A great shot Gwyn. Love the shadow patterns and composition *click*
Suey xx
stevie 16 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 6:39PM
Good abstract shot, works very well, nice lines & shadows.
dave w 16 1
29 Sep 2004 6:42PM
Superb B&W image Gwyn love the shadows of the bars well spotted and captured.


CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
29 Sep 2004 7:00PM
Nice details and lighting Gwyn.
Perfect composition, WELL DONE!

pfheyes 16 254 1 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 7:14PM
Superb, Gwyn. I love the lighting, the graphic composition and the tones. Great work.

dani2 16 45
29 Sep 2004 7:17PM
Really great shot. Love it. CLICK.

maverick04 16 12 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 7:28PM
This works extremely well the angles shadows and lighting give it real impact, click.
katieb 16 255 4 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 7:55PM
Another great image Gwyn, love the shadows shapes.
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 7:56PM
Cheers everybody for all your appreciated and valued comments, you are a lovely bunch of people, thanks again,
29 Sep 2004 7:56PM
Superb shadow shot Gwyn, wonderful lighting and well taken.

geegee 16 29 England
29 Sep 2004 8:01PM
Beautiful. Well seen Gwyn.
Best wishes, George.
ericfaragh 17 149 5 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 8:01PM
Lovely shadow shot, and a nicely noticed detail. Well done Gwyn.
br 16 3 England
29 Sep 2004 8:13PM
I just love it.
daffydill56 17 190 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 8:17PM
Certainly another great shot Gwyn. Wonderful shadows, click

Dinda 16 90 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 8:20PM
Gwyn, really like your portfolio, especially the ones that play with light & shade like this. Thanks for the comment on mine, will value any further criticism as I'm really new to this!! G
wing 16 456 United Kingdom
29 Sep 2004 9:00PM
A very good shot.
Well seen and very well taken.

novocastria 16 102
29 Sep 2004 9:14PM
Its already been said, Gwyn - one day you'll post a bad shot, hopefully before I run out of superlatives and cliches!!!!

29 Sep 2004 10:01PM
Wonderful lines and tones...great great ahot as always!
ellavr 16 66
30 Sep 2004 6:07AM
Gwyn - I spotted this last night over Mike's shoulder but wasn't allowed on the computer!! This is excellent, lovely lines and shadows. CLICK

sybilla 16 264
30 Sep 2004 6:37AM

What are you doing in prison??? Great shot and lucky they allowed you a camera ;O)

RodJames 16 21 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2004 7:15AM
Great shot Gwyn - beautifully exposed. Really good.

helena 16 134 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2004 7:24AM
Fantastic, love it!
tiptoe 16 267
30 Sep 2004 10:06AM
One of your best IMHO.
sun yin 16
30 Sep 2004 12:55PM
A beautifull simple image,the light and shadow work very well.

tull 17 181 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2004 1:22PM
First class Gwyn,hope your on the mend:Mark
magda_indigo 17 418 England
30 Sep 2004 1:34PM
well done, click (*:*)
alzeepark 17 81 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2004 1:42PM
Afternoon Gwyn, this is a great image. I love the shadows and lines.
Im fine thanks, had a good day yesterday., was attacked by an 11 year old with a dinner knife during lunch time. Managed to restrain him ( were all Team Teach trained and certified) Calmed the situation down and then he threw his dinner plate at me like a frisbee. Lady luck that hehis aim was bad. Then he went for another dinner knife, managed to get that one off of him as well.And bitten and kicked i might add. so compared to yesterday im having a good day today.
Hows you ? on the mend yet ?
Take care.
Alan :0)
30 Sep 2004 9:17PM
kit-monster 17 3.7k 2 Singapore
1 Oct 2004 6:56AM
Great shot! Well spotted.

Mixpix 16 1.1k England
1 Oct 2004 12:14PM
Hello Gwyn, have you escaped for the weekend? Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip if you managed to get there, you girls and your shopping. Take care ok and talk soon.

Mixpix 16 1.1k England
1 Oct 2004 1:06PM
Another 2 weeks!!! Blimey Gwyn you could have cut the thing off and grown a new one in that time. You'll be going back to school just intime for half term if your not careful LOL.

Take care

Atlas 17 621 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2004 2:46PM
Very nicely done Gwyn, really like all the shadows ☼☼☼☼☼

1 Oct 2004 4:04PM
Great picture! It's amazing how a talented person can make a great shot out of almost nothing. Kudos!
Yogendra 16 22 1 United Kingdom
1 Oct 2004 7:31PM
Hi Gwyn, Great shot, wonderful light in this image & stunning shadows, superb.

UserHasLeft 17 654
1 Oct 2004 8:16PM
Right, I'll need a detailed medical report now please. I wanna know just what is going on and if they are looking after you and your toe properly. Two weeks, hells bells! What are you gonna do with yourself?

Hope it's not hurting, Gwyn and that you're taking care Smile
paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 12:06AM
Nicely done.
sugarbird 16 223 South Africa
2 Oct 2004 1:29AM
Excellent, you have a wonderful graphic eye, take care
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 2:50PM
Cheers everybody for all you much valued clicks and comments, always enjoy reading them, thanks again
All the best Gwyn
shidee 16 9
2 Oct 2004 4:02PM
nice, great shot.
frogsrcool 16 9 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 4:39PM
great lines and shadows.
bassan 17 15
2 Oct 2004 5:01PM
Well spotted and taken. click
2 Oct 2004 6:26PM
What an absolute dream of a shot!
Well spotted and such a great capture.
Great addition to your fab portfolio.
lyne 16 15
2 Oct 2004 10:16PM
Great shot well spotted lovely work well done CLICK.
lordposh 16 45 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2004 10:41PM
Like it Gywn.... well captured and like the tones used too...

2 Oct 2004 11:41PM
Wonderful shadow and light shot.

3 Oct 2004 9:55AM
Wonderful shot
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
3 Oct 2004 11:25AM
No EC on this yet.....Scandalous!...sort it out
Big Click
Mixpix 16 1.1k England
3 Oct 2004 1:59PM
Hi Gwyn, checked out that forum subject. Hope your having a good weekend. Just been shopping for DVD's got a right result.

Take care

16 1
3 Oct 2004 4:00PM
cooky 16 6 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2004 4:00PM
I'm with Ade on this one - shot to be proud of Gwyn.
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
3 Oct 2004 5:57PM
Well spotted Gwyn, think you've got one to blow up and hang on the wall here.


ken j. 17 374
3 Oct 2004 11:40PM
This is soooo good.
60+ clicks.
Have another.
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2004 6:08AM
Cheers again for all your comments, such a lovely response to last last couple of uploads thank you all,
my very kind regards to you all
lobsterboy Plus
16 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2004 8:45AM
Nice bit of simplicity. click.
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2004 1:50PM
Boy its a long way down here,very dramatic.

Mixpix 16 1.1k England
4 Oct 2004 1:56PM
Hello Gwyn, trust your well, thanks for the click on my montage shot Smile

UserHasLeft 17 654
4 Oct 2004 4:39PM
Hiya, sugar. I'm cool thanks. Startin to wonder if you're going to get back to school before Christmas - really hope that the foot doesn't have to come off. Hope that you're keepin busy and smiley. Take care Smile
BrianM 17 136 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2004 6:54PM
I love it, well seen, excellent image, nice detail and textures. Good work.
UserHasLeft 17 654
8 Oct 2004 7:28PM
Hi're a bit quiet, missin ya Smile
eyecon 16
8 Oct 2004 8:24PM
you get the most incredible light and shadows in your shots. the light is magical, itz just so? light! strong but always gentle. loadza symbolism in the simple shapes herein!
gwynann 16 72 United Kingdom
9 Oct 2004 7:34AM
Hello all thanks for all your valued comments, i,ve been off line for a few days promblems with tesco, catch up with you all soon, take care.
All the best Gwyn
UserHasLeft 17 654
10 Oct 2004 9:04AM
Glad you're ok. Sorry to hear about broadband problems. I use's a little primitive in some respects but the connection is superb and never get cut off. Have it connected to 2 pc's at once and can have them both online at the same time.

Anyway, take it easy, Gwyn and enjoy your week Smile
11 Oct 2004 4:28PM
Excellent shot! *click*
jmmd 16 1
11 Oct 2004 7:37PM
Outstanding...really excellent composition Gwyn. big click
deeken 16 4
12 Oct 2004 7:38PM
Good abstract Gwynn, well composed.

u08mcb 16 5.8k
13 Oct 2004 6:48PM
Looks like a prison window or something.
bikemad 16 87
15 Oct 2004 1:07PM
Love the lines and shadows on this,click
jules41 16 197 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 6:41AM
Yo really do have a flair for taking these shots Gwyn,this is fab,excellently captured especially with the shadows,well done.just got over the sickies,courtesy of am getting back on form now,i'll go over to the forum to catch up.superb shot Gwyn
best wishes
ron thomas 16 11 1 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2004 1:30PM
There is a whole world in this picture, first class.

User_Removed 16 386 2 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2004 6:49AM
Excellent detail and composition.
IRaddict 17 34
18 Jan 2005 11:13AM
Nice play with lines and shadows, well seen and taken.
9 Feb 2005 1:16PM
What a super shot. I'm a real sucker for shadows and this is a fantastic example.
Portknockie 16 48 Scotland
26 Feb 2005 11:37AM
Great work with light


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