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Thanks for the help I have received during my 9 years here.
My sincere thanks to those who have left comments.
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A quick view of Gypsyman's recent activity.

  • The Last loo roll in town

    Missed again.
    • 18 Mar 2020 4:54PM
  • Christmas Decoration

    A Glass Part of Medication ' Macrogol 'Not nice but it works.
    • 19 Jan 2020 9:23PM
  • A rush to Roost!

    Two wonderful joys in one day. Lilian.
    • 10 Jan 2020 10:42PM
  • A Room with a View

    Number 3 for me, The Road Out.
    • 10 Jan 2020 2:47PM
  • Early Morning Delight

    I just wish that I could get out to the wonderful places that You and your Team get to. And to be able to produce the Photographs you do. My best wishes to you for the New Year 2020. (Eric) Gypsyman.
    • 4 Jan 2020 10:50PM

    I'm missing Out only 1 father Christmas ever comes to me. My best wishes for today and for 2020.
    • 25 Dec 2019 11:09AM
  • Cave 3 Creswell Crags.

    Isabel. They are Caves where Pre -Historic Men used to Live. -- About the ICE Age.
    • 14 Dec 2019 5:07PM
  • Your Photographs speak loudly of your love of nature ans also of Photography. What a wonderful Portfolio you have.
  • A first class wonderful set of captures. If I were a PLUS member I would give you awards on all your PF. Gypsyman (Eric).
  • An excellent portfolio. A pleasure to look at mixed images.
    Keep up the very good work. Hope to call in again soon. Any help
    I can gain from your work, greatly received. Gypsyman. (Eric)
    • Posted on Fefe's profile
    • 6 Sep 2019 3:40PM
  • Silvia. you continue to Add wonderful photographs to your Profile. I am delighted to see that you continue to post on Ephotozine. It is a number of years since I wrote to you about your interesting photographs. I still potter along. yours Gypsyman. (eric).
  • I always find your Photographs interesting to me. I have followed you for some time now. I would like to get shots more in keeping with yours but due to my health problems I do not get out very often. Keep your postings coming for it helps me keep an interest in Photography. Yours Eric ( Gypsyman).
  • Nathan. Good to see that you still carry on with your Photography.
    • Posted on NDODS's profile
    • 17 Apr 2019 8:10PM
  • Great Set with wonderful presentation.
    • Posted on Chinga's profile
    • 18 Jan 2019 2:19PM
  • You Continue to Put up very Good Photographs.
  • A well put together set of Photographs.
    • Posted on mike9005's profile
    • 25 Dec 2018 12:15AM

  • A striking PF. every shot a Cracker.