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  • Commented on 'Hello again'

    Hi ya Cameracat, thats a thought I might do that later, but it might be to late as I left it a long time
    Yes I did get abit lost coming on the site again, but its good to see it still doing really well.

    Yes I am still taking shots of diggers, have a few to upload
    • 4 Jul 2010 4:31PM
  • Commented on 'Hello again'

    Hello everyone in the land of ephotozine, I have been away for far to long.
    I was a member about 18months ago, but gave up because of a few reasons, thought I would log in again, only to find account deleted.
    My fault, shouldn't leave it so long in furture.

    I am based down on the sussex coast and normally take interesting shots of diggers, boats, landscapes etc.
    Look forward to joining the crowd again.

    • 4 Jul 2010 12:42PM