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Hello fellow photographer Smile
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A quick view of Haley's recent activity.

  • Bulletproof

    It is indeed a self portrait Smile
    Thank you for all your encouraging comments!
    • 19 Apr 2010 7:18AM
  • Issues

    thank you all for your comments and concerns Smile
    • 24 Feb 2010 1:32AM
  • The Mean Machine

    this is gorgeous Smile
    great job Smile
    • 25 Oct 2009 11:20PM
  • Let's Play Ball.

    Quote:Woh - I take it that the quality was limited by a three inch thick plate of glass (I certainly hope you were not actually in the water!!!).

    Best wishes


    Haha yes Robert, there was a three inch thick plate of glass separating us. Smile Good thing too. I think I would have been used as his ball.
    • 28 Feb 2009 8:34PM
  • Waterdance.

    Quote:Hi Haley, not stopped by yours, or anyone's pf for a while. Glad I did tonight this is a great shot. I love the light on the back of the bear. You should be very pleased with this one it's excellent and one of my favourites on the site. Andy

    Thank you Andy Smile You always leave such pleasant comments-criticism or not, I enjoy reading them. Thank you again.
    • 27 Feb 2009 12:24AM
  • Windswept

    v1 has more impact. I feel its more focused.
    Great work.
    • 6 Feb 2009 6:29AM
  • Middle for Diddle

    Love the focusing.
    • 6 Feb 2009 6:27AM
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  • I love every one of your photographs Jeanie. I hope one day to photograph landscapes like you but I am only 15 years old and I don't have the ability to travel around or stay up to get the perfect night sky. One day. Mark my words. Smile I have 3 pictures up since I am new to Ephotozine - I would love it if you would comment on them. Smile
    • Posted on jeanie's profile
    • 19 Jan 2009 8:03AM