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A quick view of Hamer's recent activity.

  • Amy Green - Commercial

    Everything in this image just compliments Amy's beauty. Fantastic image.
    • 1 Aug 2010 3:10PM
  • Portrait of Natalie 2

    Nice eye contact. A couple of quick tips. A faster shutter speed (around 1/80) and/or an aperture of around f5.6 (as said by Miles) would have had the image in much better focus. I also agree with what Miles said about the dead space, perhaps cropping in tightly as it is on the right hand side would have helped make the picture much more appealing.

    Other than that the image is great. Evenly lit and great eye contact enhanced by shooting from a higher viewpoint.
    • 10 Jun 2010 2:32PM
  • Urch

    V2 is the winner here in my eyes.
    • 27 Apr 2010 7:26PM
  • The Dancer

    Fantastic pose and lighting. I might have been tempted to clone out the creases in the backdrop.
    • 24 Apr 2010 5:24PM
  • silver

    V1 for me Grin
    • 23 Apr 2010 2:02PM
  • Debbie

    Got to agree with arhb on the pose and composition, they go together perfectly. Works well on the wall background too, gives the image a nice summery/outdoor feel to it as opposed to shooting with a plain background in a studio. Good work.
    • 13 Apr 2010 6:38PM
  • Donna4

    Absolutely stunning work. Lighting & tones are perfect.
    • 13 Apr 2010 6:02PM
  • This is a lovely portfolio Tracy. Some fantastic images here.

    • Posted on TracyCS's profile
    • 23 Jul 2009 10:55PM