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A quick view of Hanners's recent activity.


    Cheers Richard, hope you're well fella Smile
    • 4 Nov 2014 4:07PM

    Would be if there was any water Wink
    • 3 Nov 2014 10:14PM

    Cheers Ian Smile
    • 23 Oct 2014 10:35AM

    Sorry Les, does it make less of a sin as it's a mono? Wink
    • 7 Feb 2013 6:50PM
  • Briggate, Leeds

    thought this was yours from the thumbnail, really like this one Smile
    • 7 Feb 2013 6:44PM
  • Lakeside Dance

    Brilliant, the exposure is spot on and pin sharp Smile
    • 20 Oct 2012 7:51PM
  • #SK8P4RK

    Cheers Darren, yeah they do & have beennaggin' me all day to get them up on facebook lol Smile
    • 18 Aug 2012 6:37PM
  • Quality portfolio Smile
  • what a cracking portfolio, full of my kind of images - Boats & water - Don't know how I've failed to come across it before, but I've added you to my favourites now so I don't miss any future ones. Excellent stuff Smile
  • Hi Andy, I always love going through your p/f as it's full of stunning images. If I ever get to take one image that is as good as any you have taken I will be forever happy. Hope you & yours are well, take care

    Tony Smile
  • Stunning p/f Dave, I really like your style of processing. Superb work Smile
  • Hey Ady, for someone who's only very recently got into photography, you are showing some great skill. I have been particularly impressed with your HDR work, so often I see bad tone-mapping and shot looking very cartoon like, but you're getting it spot -on, well done matey, keep up your stunning progress

  • Hey Sharon, don't know why it's taken me so long to find your p/f but I have now... There are some great shots in it too and I can't see it being long before you'll be pushing Tommy to new boundaries. Great stuff

    Tony Smile
  • thanks for that Simon, coming from you it makes me feel very honoured...
  • Hi Janey, you have some stunning shots in your p/f, I hope it all goes very well for you.

    • Posted on HelenO's profile
    • 15 Jan 2007 3:53PM
  • glad to be first to comment here, you have some stunning work in your p/f.

  • you have a fine standard of work in your P/F, Love the use of colour in the images.