Getting The Bird: How To Photograph Birds With Long Telephoto Lenses



Hi. Looking forward to some excellent photography this year.
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  • By the light of the silvery moon by Happytommy

    Thank you all for your awards and comments.
    • 20 Jan 2021 7:23AM
  • Old shed and mountains original by Happytommy

    WOW! I am blown away by all of your constructive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly approaches in helping me to look at my other images with a keener eye. Having had a considerable amount of club photography exposure in my life I have tried to bring out more punch to an image. But I can see now not to overdo any of the adjustments available to one in the various software options. Thank you all so much. I look forward to offering you other pics for critique.
    • 5 Aug 2019 9:55AM
  • Old shed and mountains 2 by Happytommy

    I am very grateful for all these comments. Most of them apply to post processing which I struggle with - especially noise removal. My camera seems to pick up a lot of that. I will try to upload the original converted to a jpg. Thank you.
    • 4 Aug 2019 12:31PM
  • Old shed and mountains by Happytommy

    Many thanks, Pablo, both for the welcome and explanation re critique. I have done as you suggested with great improvement. I now have two new images. Is it possible to show you privately or do I have to go through the main gallery again?
    • 2 Aug 2019 12:24PM
  • Sails into Sunset by chris-p

    An image for us to strive for.
    • 23 May 2018 4:06PM
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