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Hi, currently living on Wirral my interest in photography was sparked while travelling.

Now I am back I would like to improve so all C&C welcome......... no matter how harsh!
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  • Prayer flags over Namche Bazar by harlequinarcher

    Thanks for your kind comments guys - it was a bit steep but worth the risk for the photo I think (just).

    • 4 Apr 2012 5:36PM
  • Notom nr Capitol Reef by jinstone

    Great shot, again great sky, and I like the way the road leads you through photograph. I might be tempted to crop on the right hand side as I find the parking bay on the right hand side a little distracting.


    • 20 Aug 2011 12:02PM
  • Utah by jinstone

    I love the sky in this shot, so for me V1 gets my click.

    Great PF and deserving of more attention than it has got!!
    • 20 Aug 2011 11:57AM
  • Step on da juice! by Kai_KaiAmydyer

    Great idea - I would have been tempted to take it from a different angle instead of normal eye level, maybe from floor level?
    • 19 Aug 2011 10:00PM
  • Simply Cricket...... by harlequinarcher

    Thanks guys - Mike it was taken at our home ground in Saughall, a village just outside of Chester. Brian thanks for the c&c on this and the rest of my PF, and I appreciate your sentiments!! Moira thanks - he had already hit it in this photo and you are right he hit it for four!!
    • 17 Aug 2011 7:14PM
  • Wish you were here? by harlequinarcher

    I completely agree Brian - guess I will have to go back and try again!!
    • 16 Aug 2011 9:26PM
  • Gamla Stan - Stockholm by harlequinarcher

    Thanks for all your kind comments - it is such an interesting place to explore once you get away from the busier parts!!
    • 9 Aug 2011 9:00PM

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