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Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my snaps be what they are...

please feel free to leave comments, I love the feedback, I have never presented photographs for critique - so go for it!

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A quick view of havecamerawilltravel's recent activity.

  • a modern view

    The chap in the picture went on to create the now legendary Kernel Brewery
    • 11 Jun 2015 3:37PM

    Bloody cats! Smile
    • 30 May 2011 5:13PM
  • strong man....

    like this! a lot.
    • 19 Apr 2011 5:34PM
  • Tropical Sunrise

    not jealous, much. Tongue
    • 19 Apr 2011 5:33PM
  • A bit of a stir

    Awesome. and, I have a sneaky that she'd (one would) actually chuckle at that..
    • 13 Mar 2011 5:20PM
  • neptune's treasure

    • 3 Mar 2011 1:05PM
  • Squirrel V2


    "I can quite clearly see your nuts..."

    "Can anyone help me find my nuts.."


    say that shadow is a bird of prey... "oh... ****..."

    all said, a fun pic!
    • 2 Mar 2011 10:46AM
  • Thanks for all the votes, comments and support!

    Just been having a meander thru your portfolio - nice, and I can't but help reiterate Phil belows comments, "good monos" - very cool stuff on here.

    Carry on! and keep up the good work! love the takes on everyday stuff.
    • Posted on spaceman's profile
    • 26 Feb 2011 11:40AM
  • nice work!