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  • The Kings Head by Sezz

    Great processing on this one. One of your Christmas cards for next year?
    • 10 Feb 2009 1:20AM
  • Start 'em young by Sezz

    Very nice treatment you've given this. Now if you hadn't have said otherwise I would have thought that was a girl getting her hands dirty! Nothing wrong with that but there seems to be rather few of the fairer sex interested in these magnificent machines.
    • 24 Jan 2009 4:27PM
  • 'Truth' by Sezz

    What a cracking shot (excuse the pun!). Vibrant colours, lots of texture, loads of detail, perfectly cropped. From what I have seen of your portfolio not your usual but, boy, have you done this one justice. Change of direction for a while maybe?
    • 3 Jun 2008 5:56PM
  • That Tree... by Scottishlandscapes

    Have to agree with others that - composition-wise at least - this is one of your very best. Glad to see that you are beginning to play with the computer - pressing the shutter release is only half of it!
    • 3 Jun 2008 5:53PM
  • Fresh Life on the Moor... by Scottishlandscapes

    This must be your favourite place Dougie and you always do it justice. Keep 'em coming!
    • 1 Jun 2008 12:45PM
  • RX37 - Blood Axe by Sezz

    You do boats so well - some lovely colours in this one.
    • 1 Jun 2008 12:44PM
  • Gate by redstag

    An idyllic English countryside scene that almost everybody would pass by with a though but perfectly captured. Now if I had this at the bottom of my garden I might be a little more inspired!
    • 1 Jun 2008 12:42PM

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  • Posted on brownsilent's profile

    Many thanks for your flurry of comments and votes on my photos - much appreciated. You have a fine, varied, portfolio with some excellent flower photos and a nice gallery on Scotland with some great images. Why is it that Germans fall in love with Scotland, especially the islands? When we were last in The Outer Hebrides German tourists outmumbered all others by far. Whatever the reasons you cannot fault their taste, Scotland is a wonderful place.


    • 29 Apr 2008 8:21PM
  • Posted on Grimm's profile

    Found your portfolio whilst looking through the forums trying to figure out why some photos (mine included!) get so few votes and your Showcase proves that the voting system is pure nonsense! I cannot believe that such stunning work is so incredibly overlooked. For your Nonnie & James photo to get a mere 15 votes is unbelievable but then it's not a sunset!
    It's a fabulous portfolio and you should be rightly proud.
    • 1 Apr 2008 8:58PM
  • Posted on Scottishlandscapes's profile

    Used to 'meet' you on another photo site (forget the name) some years back when you first started posting and left some nice comments on my images. You have come a long way since those early days, my friend, while I have stood still! But then you live in the most beautiful part of this country and have inspiration on your doorstep. Great portfolio - will try and look out for your images.
    • 3 Mar 2008 5:49PM

Limited to latest 30 results.