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Welcome to my pages.

Thank you for taking a look and for all your comments and votes. I hope I will learn from them and load ever better photographs
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  • HDR Photography Group

    This group is for people to show their HDR photographs, discuss HDR techniques, help others with their HDR issues and generally help people to improve their HDR photos. If you'd like to improve or learn more about HDR, this it the thread for you. I...more

    • Leader : ade_mcfade
    • Established : 5 Jul 2010
    • Members : 134
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Clouds and cloudscapes

    A group dedicated to the appreciation of clouds in all their glory, sharing pictures of different cloud types, discussing techniques for cloud photography, and generally going against the norm that there has to be only ever one third of a pic of sky.....more

    • Leader : Tooth
    • Established : 25 Jul 2010
    • Members : 11
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Dorset / Hampshire New Forest Meeting

    Hopefully the 1st of many meetings for Dorset and Hampshire. We will be meeting at Bratley car park in the New Forest at 6:30am for sunrise shots. After this we will be moving onto the Bolderwood car park just down the road. If you cant make the...more

    • Leader : blackforce
    • Established : 14 Oct 2009
    • Members : 10
    • Activity : Quiet