Welcome to my portfolio.

Have I really been on epz for 10 years !!!
I see images in the most ordinary of places and love the effects of shadows, reflections and the weather. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my photos, and that in so doing you begin to notice things that you hadn't seen before in the world around you Smile

Thanks for looking Smile

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A quick view of helenlinda's recent activity.

  • Evening shadows at Charlecote Park

    Quote:Looks more like summer! Must have been a great day to be out and about.

    It was, but today it has poured for hours!!!
    • 14 Nov 2019 5:37PM
  • The light as you leave upstairs

    Many thanks to Peter AS for his User Award SmileSmileSmile
    • 14 Nov 2019 8:05AM
  • Chiffchaff

    Stunning capture SmileSmileSmile
    • 13 Nov 2019 8:49PM
  • Chiesa San Filiberto

    Excellent work and well done with the GE Award Trev SmileSmile
    • 13 Nov 2019 8:41PM
  • Autumn in the Trossachs

    I do like this very much SmileSmile
    • 13 Nov 2019 8:38PM
  • Tree Fern 2

    Lovely patterns and shapes Pamela SmileSmileSmile
    • 13 Nov 2019 8:34PM
  • Anchored

    Some wonderful colours and shapes here Sylvia SmileSmileSmile
    • 13 Nov 2019 8:33PM
  • Welcome to Ephotozine Tom.
    How exciting to get your new camera, and its at a lovely time of year for photographing the outdoors. A lovely capture for your first upload with good depth of field and detail
  • Love your images - wonderful abstracts and amazing colours SmileSmileSmileSmile
    • Posted on lblythe's profile
    • 9 Jul 2013 11:15PM
  • What a wonderful portfolio - a pleasure to look through SmileSmile
    • Posted on pentony's profile
    • 22 Mar 2013 11:42AM
  • What an inspiring portfolio - keep them coming SmileSmile
    • Posted on Sianp's profile
    • 11 Feb 2013 5:19AM
  • What a joy to look through your work - such imagination and quality - a real inspiration SmileSmile
    • Posted on shortski's profile
    • 12 Jan 2013 10:36PM
  • A wonderful gallery of work - a pleasure to see your country through your eyes SmileSmile
  • A splendid portfolio to look through - great low angles and colourful work - keep them coming SmileSmile
  • Have enjoyed looking through your pictures very much - will be back to see more - your mono shots are very powerful SmileSmile
  • A splendid p/f Jane - very colourful and a pleasure to look through - keep them coming SmileSmile
    • Posted on Snapitt's profile
    • 22 Aug 2012 8:36PM
  • You are building a very attractive portfolio. I like the variety of work in it SmileSmile