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Welcome to my portfolio.

Have I really been on epz for 10 years !!!
I see images in the most ordinary of places and love the effects of shadows, reflections and the weather. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my photos, and that in so doing you begin to notice things that you hadn't seen before in the world around you Smile

Thanks for looking Smile

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  • The greenhouse effect - day three

    Had a new toy delivered through the post this morning and went to the greenhouse to try it out in the rain. I've bought a monopod, and I think it will be a big help with camera shake. Its not always possible to set up a tripod in small areas, but I'...


    13 Apr 2013 10:11PM | Read


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  • The greenhouse effect - day two

    Inspired by Gary I took the camera down to the greenhouse when I went to do some more transplanting this morning. Some of my geranium leaves have beautiful red edges to them at the moment and the sweet peas are shooting well . I found the remains o...


    12 Apr 2013 8:10PM | Read


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  • The greenhouse effect

    It has taken a while to have an effect on me this year, but finally I got into the greenhouse today. What is particularly wonderful working in there is the light - and the music - as I have my little wind up radio to listen to classic FM as I work. ...

    11 Apr 2013 6:54PM | Read


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  • Using the grid for aligning pictures

    Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this. I can't believe it was June since I last made an entry!! It amazes me that people still continue to view my blog, though no comments have been added. So I feel I need to add something worth reading...

    5 Jan 2009 11:01AM | Read


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  • "Feeds" in not too many easy steps

    Or "an idiots guide," as I now follow how to use them!! This may be so basic that everyone knows exactly what to do and are already using them. But for me it was just short of rocket science to discover, that I can have an extra column next to my f...

    28 Jun 2008 8:26PM | Read


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  • One World Week

    Well all the effort to draw together our one world week came off really well on Friday with a parade around the park. Every class had a huge flag and children came dressed in the colours of the flag, and marched round the park behind it. In addition ...

    23 Jun 2008 7:25PM | Read


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  • Step across the water to Ireland.

    I was talking to the Nursery children today about Ireland. They have been thinking about the countries in UK as part of our One World Week. I was holding a map up and explaining that the blue was water and the green was land. We then considered how...

    19 Jun 2008 9:34PM | Read


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  • Sorting!

    I start my working week on a Monday afternoon, so the mornings feel a bit like a holiday. I get time then to catch up with things at a leasurely pace as I'm still in weekend "mode". This morning that has meant sorting through more things from my Mu...

    16 Jun 2008 9:24AM | Read


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  • Beautiful day

    The weather is glorious here in B'ham and we are off to a friend's leaving barbecue any minute now. Hope to meet up with Joy, James and baby Samuel who will probably be in a new outfit as Joy was going to town on the bus to shop yesterday. Hasn't pu...

    14 Jun 2008 12:43PM | Read


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  • First crack at it

    I'm new to Blogs, so today, to mark being on this site for exactly a year, it seems a good thing to try something else new!! I've also joined Facebook this week .........so now I'm running what could potentially be 3 addictions at the same time!! I...

    13 Jun 2008 11:22AM | Read


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