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ddolfelin Avatar
ddolfelin 12 103 3 Wales
31 Dec 2016 4:02PM
Some really good work here, Helen.

After reading about you, I know who to contact if it all gets too much!
waltknox Avatar
17 Jul 2016 9:11PM
Hi Helen, you have a very Artistic eye. I very much enjoyed looking in your portfolio.
cheers walt knox
Chinga Avatar
Chinga Plus
13 123 3 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2016 2:02PM
Thank you for your kind comments on my shots Helen, Grin
You have a very creative portfolio with each image showing a good eye for photography,
Best regards,
Greyheron Avatar
Greyheron 21 282 7 England
18 Jun 2015 9:15PM
A fascinating and inventive portfolio, Hellen. Enjoyed browsing your images... Mike
ValSaxby Avatar
ValSaxby 18 146 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2015 9:02PM
Lovely creative portfolio with lots of stunning images. Love your work.

IsabelC Avatar
IsabelC 9 51 10 Denmark
28 Sep 2014 4:20PM
Very creative portfolio - lots of interesting ideas and brilliant photos.
I will definitely come back for further exploration Smile

Isabel Smile
DonMc Avatar
DonMc 15 4 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2014 10:53PM
Lovely and interesting portfolio Helen!
ukgubbi Avatar
ukgubbi 12 5 India
4 Jan 2014 9:04AM
Dear Helen

Thanks for your very positive comments on my image " white beauty". Here you have a very impressive collection of images which are brilliantly done. Wish you happy new year and happy shooting
atenytom Avatar
atenytom 13 1 Poland
26 Nov 2013 7:24PM
Thank you very much best regards
RayHeath Avatar
27 Jun 2013 6:00PM
Hi Helen,

Thanks for your comments on my posted shot..."Kelp in Rock Pool"...all constructive comments greatfully received. Having looked at your shots in your portfolio I am indeed honoured to have you comment thus on my image...many thanks....Ray
TONKSPHOTO 13 2 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2013 12:24AM
Brilliant photography ........ And digital skills Helen..
Regards John
hi14ry Avatar
hi14ry 10 21 England
7 Feb 2013 10:03PM
P12owe said to have a look at your PF....... so glad I did.....really creative work!! H x
p12owe Avatar
p12owe 10 101 2 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2013 6:34PM
A wonderfully creative and varied PF... I will be studying these in much more detail later!

I love the duck avatar!
AnneWorner Avatar
AnneWorner 16 620 43 United States
9 Nov 2012 5:05PM
Just looking through the thumbnails, one is rewarded with immensely beautiful and well thought out compositions and creations.

Maiwand Avatar
Maiwand 16 3 73 England
27 Oct 2012 8:29PM
Fine PF Helen. Great range of images.
paskinmj Avatar
paskinmj 14 11 1 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2012 8:34PM
Nice PF. Love the variety of styles.
rgg Avatar
rgg 12 11 United States
5 Jun 2012 3:21PM
Wonderful gallery of images good work.
shanelaze Avatar
shanelaze 12 8 1 United Kingdom
29 May 2012 8:22AM
WOW, what a great PF. I love the creativness, the use of colour and composition. Where do you get your ideas from? Smile
HELANA 13 United Kingdom
19 May 2012 8:33PM
A very beautiful PF Helen.Lobely images, very colourful, very artistic.
How did you know it was my BD?. Regards.
Irishkate Avatar
Irishkate Plus
13 45 123 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2012 1:43PM
Wonderful portfolio of unique images.
Love you artistic skills.Kate
Jonny5874 Avatar
Jonny5874 14 14 5 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2012 8:17AM
A great portfolio with lots of amazing ideas and colours, thanks for your support, kind comments and help - more of the mill to follow!


TONKSPHOTO 13 2 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2012 12:01AM
Helen you have some unique set of images...Brilliant photography and imagery.....Regards John
mashwood10 Avatar
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2012 12:29PM
Fabulous PF.

mondmagu Avatar
mondmagu 13 75 Ireland
17 Mar 2012 11:51AM
A beautifully different pf here Helen.Fantastic.

Anna_W Avatar
Anna_W 12 1 2 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2012 7:13AM
A wonderfully varied and creative portfolio full of inspiring images.
ElihuShaw Avatar
1 Jan 2012 9:39AM
great it
WesternRed Avatar
28 Dec 2011 12:29AM
A lovely creative portfolio. I certainly will be back again. WesternRed.
posty57 Avatar
posty57 15 6 2 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2011 6:29PM
This is really some portfolio Helen. Marvellous. Your abstract work is absolutely stunning ! Please, for all our sakes, keep it up !

luceombra Avatar
luceombra 12 27 5 Italy
8 Nov 2011 8:17AM
You have a magnificent portfolio: Many, many compliments
Gypsyman Avatar
Gypsyman 13 690 England
10 Oct 2011 9:29PM
Helen, A good collection of veried and interesting subjects
Mike_Young Avatar
Mike_Young Plus
17 34 13 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2011 2:31PM
An interesting and imaginative portfolio, I will certainly return and spend more time here
studio96 Avatar
studio96 14 50 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2011 10:23AM
Hi Helen,

Had a a look at your photographs, they are nice. Another facet of photography, your own way expressing your art!!!!

RobinF Avatar
RobinF 17 83 1 England
14 Jul 2011 6:11AM
Finally found time to do your portfolio justice and have a good browse. Not sure what I enjoy most, your photographs, or the inspired creativity that you apply to seemingly simple images that results in such wonderful images! Had to do a portfolio comment, if I commented on each picture I liked I would be here for ages! But have added a vote to all my favourites!
kind regards,
CaroleS Avatar
CaroleS Plus
13 442 3 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2011 5:30PM
Hi Helen, just thought I would pay a visit to your PF, what a joy! Your images are so different but what I would call 'gentle' in the nicest possible way. Well done. Carole
ANNIEKERR 12 6 Ireland
30 Apr 2011 7:59AM
I'm a new comer to photography but this portfolio is amazing - looks like a heckuva lot of inspiration, artistic talent and hard work to acheive such amazing results - don't know how you even think these up! Fantasic! Smile
wajid Avatar
wajid 12 Pakistan
25 Mar 2011 6:05PM
Its really amzing photos!! Great job
Gypsyman Avatar
Gypsyman 13 690 England
19 Feb 2011 10:28AM
Nice Modern Art. Unusual to me.
bazzra1714 Avatar
29 Nov 2010 12:26PM
Hello Helenlinda
Thanks for your comments. Love your portfolio, you must be proud of your work, so inspirational.

Lusitano Avatar
Lusitano 13 1 Wales
27 Nov 2010 11:22PM
Hi Helenlinda, thanks for the vote on my last upload...i had to have a look at your pf and i am so glad i did!!
Extraordinary work, and very inspiring congratulations.
Will come back to your pf again and again.
rolandb1952 Avatar
29 Aug 2010 3:47PM
This is without doubt one of the nicest PF that I"ve seen in ages,
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Regards,,, Roland
Ananda Avatar
Ananda 14 India
23 Aug 2010 7:27PM
Wonderful imaginative...I myself had tried this sort of photography several times and found it real hard to get a real result,here you have so many of them in your PF .............just great.

d_image Avatar
d_image 14
8 Jun 2010 11:49AM
Thanks for your comment. Great gallery you have, love the June and Hayfever work makes beautiful flora even more beautiful
Rapido57 Avatar
Rapido57 13 1 England
3 Jun 2010 12:21PM
Thanks for the comments and clicks on my portfolio, it is much appreciated and very encouraging. You have a wonderfully extensive portfolio and so well presented. Well done.

TickRoe Avatar
TickRoe 15 3 5 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2010 11:23PM
What a fantastically original portfolio. I love your creativity


Cor Avatar
Cor 14 Belgium
14 Apr 2010 7:52AM
A very creative and beautyful PF.
Endangered Avatar
Endangered 13 5 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2010 3:52PM
Wow what a PF. You certainly capture the art in photography. I don't think my imagination would see these myself. So well taken, ever so crisp and interesting. A really good element of fun in there too.

Regards Andy
Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2010 3:13PM
Just seen your portfolio for the first time......most impressive, your creative talents are amazing ( I have none ! )....much respect.
TeresaH Avatar
TeresaH 18 1.1k United Kingdom
26 Mar 2010 3:54PM
Some stunning work in here.

naushadme Avatar
7 Mar 2010 1:41PM
Photography is an art! You are a good artist! Excellent work!!
Cpitch Avatar
Cpitch 16 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2010 11:01PM
Very extensive and diverse images with high quality processing
which I have enjoyed viewing,thank's for sharing.
rpba18205 Avatar
3 Jan 2010 2:23PM
A lovely unique style.

roald Avatar
roald 15 United Arab Emirates
19 Dec 2009 5:55AM
what a very impressive extensive portfolio! you have covered a lot and done it all well. unique and very original.

BTW, i'm honored with your visit. thanks a lot.
alighalam Avatar
alighalam 14 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
15 Nov 2009 5:05PM
Dear HELEN. you have many excellent photos in your beauty portfolio .
FabVab Avatar
FabVab 14 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2009 4:02PM
Very impressive Portfolio!

Bigtoe Avatar
Bigtoe 15 7 United Kingdom
16 Jul 2009 10:07PM
A very strong image. It got me to take a look at your portfolio as well, very original and impressive. Cheers, Tony.
onemooretime Avatar
8 Jul 2009 4:43PM
Have just looked through your portfolio:
Bodiewil Avatar
Bodiewil 16 46 Wales
2 Jul 2009 5:25AM
Sorry I've missed so much of your work lately, but I must say you abstract work is among the very best work I ever seen, never mind on EPZ.

Keep up the great work

Wellspring Avatar
Wellspring 15 86 37 England
20 Jun 2009 3:08PM
An amazing collection; these are some of the most attractive pictures that I have ever seen.
Oliverpants Avatar
Oliverpants 14 2 2 England
10 Apr 2009 9:36PM
Really interesting PF, great work. Ann
ilann Avatar
ilann 15 1 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2009 5:26PM
Love your work helen very interesting imagery
OMG Avatar
OMG 15 51 2 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2009 1:44AM
I can't remember whether I thanked you for your very kind comment on my pf, if not many thanks. As others have said yours shows great imagination and artistry
All the best
wolfy Avatar
wolfy 19 36 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2009 11:05AM
Fastastic imagination and originality in your work, beautiful portfolio, pleasure to see-Rog
stevenb Avatar
stevenb 20 282 7 England
12 Jan 2009 9:34PM
You have very artistic mind Helen, which shows in your photography.

DJLphoto Avatar
DJLphoto 15 6 England
2 Jan 2009 9:17AM
Some very abstract stuff in your PF, but strangely attracting

Great work

jondee Avatar
jondee 15 United Kingdom
8 Nov 2008 12:54PM
A superb P/F....just keep it coming.
teocali Avatar
teocali Plus
15 442 18 England
5 Nov 2008 10:35PM
Super portfolio with such a range of different subjects. Absolutely brilliant and I am still enjoying going through your albums. Love the Frost one.
Many thanks for your nice comments on some of my pics Smile
Mynett Avatar
Mynett 15 142 6 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2008 9:12PM
You are an inspiration, your PF is full of imagination, likeing your work
Linda Smile
Borzos Avatar
Borzos 15
28 Oct 2008 6:50PM
Thanks a lot for your comments and votes. Your gallery is just great, and your sets are amazing. Really love them!
woolybill1 Avatar
woolybill1 Plus
17 39 79 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2008 11:26PM
While we all have eyes to see with we mostly lack your perspicacity and inherent sense for what works graphically and tonally. My respect!
KathrynAmyMorris Avatar
Thanks for the comment

Your gallery's fantastic, I love the photos.
Silverzone Avatar
Silverzone 16 2 England
31 Aug 2008 3:12PM
Interesting textures. Sylvia
Rach1970 Avatar
Rach1970 15 14 1 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2008 11:10AM
Thanks for your welcome Helen! The trouble is I can see I'm going to spend hours on this site - I shall have to ration my time!
martyb20 Avatar
martyb20 16 4
15 Jun 2008 7:08PM
Thank you for leaving a comment. You have got some great images here, I love your shed images.
colin Avatar
colin 19 697 5 Scotland
26 Apr 2008 9:35AM
Your abstracts stand out - you clearly have a knack for those type of shots. Well done.
PeterBee Avatar
PeterBee 17 35 5 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2008 4:07PM
Thanks for your kind comments about my portfolio - you have an eye for the abstract and unusual and as a consequence I value your feedback even more.

samanthawordie Avatar
29 Feb 2008 10:13AM
Thank you for your comment - I'm taking that as a fantastic compliment as your portfolio is stunning - I love the feathers and the reflections. Sam x
RobinF Avatar
RobinF 17 83 1 England
25 Feb 2008 6:18PM
There some wonderful images here Helen, You obviously are very observant and have a great eye for composition. There are too many great images here to comment on all of them but I will have to pick out a few! - regards Robin
delboy1145 Avatar
delboy1145 15 30 10 England
22 Feb 2008 9:29AM
Lovely Pf such diversity. You take shots when most of us would keep the lens cap on,which makes for some unique and intesting shots.
Be true to yourself and let your photography speak your mind.
buddiems Avatar
14 Jan 2008 1:46PM
Thank you for your comments for my picture.
GBU and work well
franfoto Avatar
franfoto 16 2 32 England
9 Jan 2008 1:11PM
Enjoyed your portfolio very much Helen, your work is of a nice standard and variation and you pay attention to the way you present your work which shows a pride in what you do. Keep it up, I shall drop in again.
lena Avatar
lena 17
29 Dec 2007 5:55PM
Thank you for this collection of the most inspiring images! Well done! Wishing You a Fabulous New Year,
Draig37 Avatar
Draig37 16 252 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2007 7:07PM
some very interesting images there Helen, nice to see that you're enjoying your camera Wink
snapman11 Avatar
snapman11 16 15 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2007 7:09PM
you have some cracking shots ,well composed.
nice eye for a shot......
colin (Snapman11)
podgod Avatar
podgod 19 514 3 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2007 1:46PM
I think the hardest part of photography is seeing the shot in the first place, you have the eye to see some great shots in everyday situations that most people would walk straight past and the ability to pull then off.
rhion Avatar
rhion 20 36 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 12:02PM
Yes, as has been said, the variety of the photographs is what makes your pf well worth a browse Helen, it's something I always like to see.
Well done.
martyb20 Avatar
martyb20 16 4
9 Nov 2007 11:10PM
Thank you for your comments, like the others have said you've got some very nice images.
RoyChilds Avatar
RoyChilds 16 117 England
5 Nov 2007 8:53PM
Thanks for the welcome and comments Helen you've got some terriffic shots and a good variety of subjects in your portfolio .Roy
john64 Avatar
john64 19 824 England
22 Oct 2007 5:02PM
You have some wonderful work in your portfolio Helen. Will be keeping an eye out for more of the same.
philwells Avatar
21 Oct 2007 8:04PM
Superb portfolio Helen, thanks for your comment
Art2105 Avatar
Art2105 16 26 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2007 4:58PM
An interesting portfolio, varied, colourful and interesting. great angled shots well composed. I will return Wink

richard0 Avatar
27 Sep 2007 9:18PM
I'm really drawn to the images in your portfolio, it's full of fresh, vibrant and original images - a talent to watch!
azhurian Avatar
26 Sep 2007 4:53PM
Thank you for your comment Smile Absolutely great portfolio. It was a pleasure looking through it.

EMJAY Avatar
EMJAY 16 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2007 11:03PM
Thanks for your click Helen. I like your P/F.
Crazee1ady Avatar
Crazee1ady 16 16
21 Sep 2007 10:27PM
This site is such a labyrinth..... lovely eclectic mix of images you have :o) TY for comments on my shots :o)
rangerpaul Avatar
rangerpaul 16 19 7 England
9 Sep 2007 1:15PM
thanks for the kind comments on my work. Most appreciated.
Love your pf. It's got such diversity and you really do make great images out of the most ordinary of subjects. I think this is going to develop into a very fine pf.
marcus1976 Avatar
marcus1976 16 8 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2007 8:46PM
nice vibrant colour es i especially like your flower photos
Chant57 Avatar
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2007 7:16PM
An eclectic and diverse portfolio that has been a pleasure to browse.
kalseru Avatar
kalseru Plus
16 3 9 England
4 Sep 2007 9:49PM
Interesting and great variety of images - surprised I am the first to comment.

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