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Welcome to my Portfolio of mainly wildlife photography. where there are no captive animals or specific site set ups.
Love wildlife photography and going on holiday, getting into the country to see the real people.
Hope you enjoy!!!
Regards Harry
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A quick view of HenB's recent activity.

  • Rose Harry Wheatcroft

    Super colours and composition.
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 10:30PM
  • No Social Distancing For Dogs

    Looks quite busy even in the early morning. Nice to see.
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 9:44PM
  • Woodland Exercise

    Great set beautifully presented
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 9:40PM
  • Trevose

    Looks a bit windy Ju but excellent view.
    regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 7:47AM
  • Orange-tip

    Great Back Drop Alan
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 7:45AM
  • Great Egret

    Very nice set Neil
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 7:43AM
  • Tasty....

    Very nice capture Malcolm
    Regards Harry
    • 24 Apr 2020 7:39AM
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  • Hi Lynne,
    another set of well presented and technically good images . Not sure about No,s 3 , 10 and 14 as I believe they are of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam, which will take over our resident plants eventually. Having said all that,you have still been able to make them look pleasing.
    Regards Harry
  • Your Portfolio is stuffed full of great images and I would gladly send you a Nuthatch for your Garden if the birds in yours visited mine.
    Regards Harry
  • Sorry for taking so long to view your gallery Colin , but as I said I did not know your name . You have some wonderful pics on view and all up to your usual high standard.
    Regards Harry
  • Landscapes not my forte but you have a great PF here and I love some of the scenes. Harry
  • Great portfolio with a nice variety of subjects. Hope to catch up with it when I retire. HARRY
    • Posted on albi's profile
    • 21 Feb 2010 8:16AM
  • Hello Dave . I love your P/F and think you have some out standing photographs here.I also note your comment on the Orang Utan shot about, quote(Life is life).Unfortuneately in this case it certainly is not true as i spent 2 weeks in Sabah with these wonderful creatures at a rehab centre.They are being driven from their habitat by deforestation, to plant and grow Palm Oil and I,m told the cost of Palm Oil is 10 Orang utans a week, hence I won,t buy anything I knowingly has it in.
    Well I hope I haven,t bored you silly with my pet hate ,but wish a lot more people could understand the true plight of these animals.Harry
    • Posted on BERTRAM's profile
    • 22 Nov 2008 5:41AM
  • Looks like you,ve had agreat time in Spain with lots of cracking photos Geoff.Not too good for me as my three weeks in China produced very little in the way of wildlife as they have eaten it all.
    Even the light was poor due to smog and the bad weather we had, so in all not very successful by the way of photography.Keep up the good work
  • Fantastic PF Janet. Don,t know why it took me so long to visit. Harry
    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 18 Sep 2008 5:56AM
  • You have a fantastic PF Peter, and being relatively new to the game I now know what to aim for
  • Concur with the other comments regarding variety in your P/F and some nice shots in there