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Hi I'm your typical 'grumpy old git' who takes the odd snap now and again. Don't come here much and really don't give a 'monkey's' about what camera you have or don't have or whether you like or dislike my photos.

On the other hand if you want to say hi and chat about photographs please do!

PS If you get an award from me it isn't necessarily a good thing!
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I first joined Ephotozine in February 2005. I was pretty crap. A number of people here gave me a lot of support and I'd like to say thanks to Magda and Paul Indigo and Keith Henson amongst others. They are true professionals happy to give free advice and better photographers than I'll ever be.

However, I stuck to my task; joined a local camera club, had some success and then determined to try to win a major competition. In 2006 I was a runner up out of over 22000 entries in the Digital Camera Magazines Photographer of the Year Competition. To be honest that is good enough for me. Ironically the photo that got me through to the final assignment got about 30 'clicks' here. So if you're not in one of the click cliques don't worry; it isn't necessarily a very good indicator of how you're doing. In fact if this facet of human nature interests you you can read all about the experiment we conducted that was Great Reciprocal Clicking Honeytrap Experiment

So like many before me I've took my photos down and took a breather to reflect on my photography and move up another gear. As well as my My Website

Unfortunately EPZ become a shadow of it's former self with the 'nice pic' reciprocal clickers taking over what was one a good site.

Whilst I won't be flouncing off like some have done; I shall no longer post as many photos, or contribute to the forums as much as I used to. You might find the odd terse blog from me as well. If anyone wants my help please ask, I'm more than happy to do so (if I can).

If you want to contact me I suggest that you do so via my website as I shan't be coming here so regularly in future.


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